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Kim Jung Hyun & Im Soo Hyang to Star In the New Fantasy Drama Kkokdu’s Gye Jeol

Kim Jung Hyun Im Soo Hyang

Kim Jung Hyun and Im Soo Hyang are popular South Korean actors who are known to have given some great performances in the past. This time too, they are going to appear in a new drama full of romance and fantasy.

The new drama titled Kkokdu’s Gye Jeol (literal title, also meaning The Season of Kkokdu) will star Im Soo Hyang and Kim Jung Hyun in their respective lead roles.


Kim Jung Hyun & Im Soo Hyang to Star Kkokdu’s Gye Jeol

As per a popular Korean media house Soompi, the upcoming drama titled Kkokdu’s Gye Jeol will be full of romance and fantasy telling the story of grim reaper named Kkokdu.

As per the story, Kkokdu comes down to this world to punish humans after a gap of 99 years.

The story develops further which shows how Kkokdu meets Han Gye Jeol. He’s a doctor having mysterious abilities. Soon he starts working as a visiting doctor.

The drama has been written by Heo Jun Woo and Kang Yi Heon and is directed by Kim Ji Hoon and Baek Soo Chan.

The role of Kkokdu will be played by Kim Jung Hyun. It will follow the path of an eccentric guide of the underworld who’s cursed and is known to have deceased in afterlife and get rid of the human trash in this world by entering the body of Do Jin Woo, a human who looks just like him.

On the other hand, Im Soo Hyang is going to portray the role of Dr. Han Gye Jeol who is living with her younger brother.

Her life takes a steep turn after she Do Jin Woo appears right in front of her and takes her side for the first time in her life.

This is what the production team has to say in the official statement released today, “The passionate acting of Kim Jung Hyun and Im Soo Hyang is making the filming site more lively. Including the two actors, everyone involved in filming is working hard to create a great drama, so we ask for your interest and anticipation for ‘Kkokdu’s Gye Jeol.’”

The drama titled Kkokdu’s Gye Jeol is currently in production.


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