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Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner’s Divorce Documents Reveal the Name of Their 2nd Child

Joe Jonas Sophie Turner

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner’s Divorce: As per the latest update, the name of the 2nd daughter of the popular couple Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner has been revealed.

As per the court’s documents, the name of the 2nd child is Delphine.

Reports further reveal that Turner has claimed a temporary halt from the divorce proceedings. She is waiting to finalize the custody of her daughters until the proceedings further resume.

Earlier, the couple had filed a joint consent which was not to relocate their children from a few particular jurisdictions.

It all happened when Turner sued Jonas for inappropriate retention of their daughters. In her lawsuit, she alleged that Joe was withholding their passports so that he could prevent them returning to England.

The report stated that a pretrial conference is scheduled to be held for October 3.

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The latest about Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner divorce is that the name of their 2nd daughter has come to the picture. It happened during the divorce proceedings from one of the documents.

The wedding of the celebrity couple was held in 2019 and they are the parents of two daughters. It’s now known that the name of their elder daughter is Willa and the name of their 2nd child was hidden due to some reasons.

As per the divorce proceedings, the name of the 2nd child of the celebrity couple was “D.J.” as per the court documents. She has been named Delphine.

After the name of the 2nd child was revealed, Page 6 managed to obtain the court documents according to which Turner seek a halt in their divorce proceedings until they both finalize the custody of their children.

The report says the couple originally filed the divorce petition before the court sometime back. While they filed an interim consent order on Monday as they wish the return of their two daughters in England.

One of the documents of the court has confirmed that neither of them want their daughters to relocate from the jurisdictions encompassed by the United States District Court. The above consent was sent without prejudice that means that neither of them can use it in their divorce proceedings.

At present when the court proceeding for the divorce has been initiated, a pretrial conference for Sophie Turner lawsuit is scheduled for October 3. The above developments started to happen after the ;Game of Throne’ actress sued her husband Joe Jonas for the wrongful retention of their daughters.

In her petition, she claimed that Jonas wrongfully withholder her daughters’ passports and didn’t allow them to return to England.


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