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HanuMan Box Office Collection Day 31 (Hindi): Achieves A Half Century In Its 5th Weekend


HanuMan Box Office Collection Day 31: During its fifth weekend, HanuMan has reached a milestone by achieving a half-century in its Hindi version.

With an additional 1.02 crore in earnings, the film’s overall total now stands at 50.76 crore. This accomplishment provides ample reason for celebration, particularly due to the healthy return on investment for those involved in the film.

Furthermore, the groundwork has been laid effectively for the film to achieve even greater numbers in its sequel. Naturally, there were higher expectations following the impressive 22.92 crore earnings in the first week.


HanuMan Box Office Collection Day 31 (Hindi): Achieves A Half Century In Its 5th Weekend

Given the superhero film’s steady day-to-day improvement, the prospect of reaching 75 crore seemed attainable.

In fact, with earnings of 16.67 crores in the second week alone, surpassing the 50 crore mark for its lifetime total was assured, with potential even to exceed the lifetime earnings of “12th Fail.”

Nevertheless, with collections amounting to 6.46 crore in the third week and a further 3.68 crore in the fourth week, the outcome was a near miss.

As a significant portion of the audience has already viewed the film, it is now being screened at a reduced number of theaters. Collection figures for the fifth Friday dipped to 15 lakh, but doubled on Saturday, reaching 37 lakh, and further improved to 50 lakh on Sunday.

Teja Sajja’s film is expected to continue garnering some level of earnings over the next 10 days, given the absence of significant competing releases.

It’s anticipated that the total lifetime earnings will stabilize around the 54-55 crore mark, which is considered a commendable outcome.


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