Gadar 2 Box Office Estimate Day 6: Sunny Deol film collects Rs. 34 crores

Looking at the trend of Gadar 2 for the last 5 days, it seems that the film will continue its winning streak in the time to come. There is no doubt when we say that the film will surpass the box office collection of Pathaan to become an all time highest grosser.

The reason why we said this is because of the fact that Gadar 2 was released with minimum expectation and nobody would have expected that it will cross such a huge number.

Currently, the 6 day Gadar 2 box office collection stands somewhere at Rs. 262 crores which is in fact, the 2nd highest of all time.

As the film continues to attract more audiences in the last weekend, it had some issues to have big capacity, especially when it screened on single screens. For now, the film continues to shine and there is no stop at the box office.