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Dabangg Movie Franchise- Sonakshi Sinha Will Always Remain An indisputable Part

dabangg movie | Sonakshi Sinha | Image Credit: magnamags

Sonakshi Sinha on Salman Khan Dabangg movie franchise- After sporting a number of hits, Sonakshi Sinha is flying high on her forthcoming dreams, especially after attaining success on her recently released film ‘Ittefaq‘.

Now, she says that she will continue to remain a part of Dabangg movie franchise. Sonakshi looked quite assertive while presenting her views and also made it clear that her audience will definetely spot her in the Dabangg movie franchise even if her role demands a lesser screen time. The flamboyant actress also revealed that the forthcoming Dabangg franchise will start by the next year.

dabangg movie
dabangg movie | Sonakshi Sinha | Image Credit: Filmy Wallpaper

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While speaking to some of the most eminent media agencies, Sonakshi made it clear about her future endeavors related to Dabagg franchise. She conveyed her gut feeling to her fans and said that her audience will definetely spot her in the future installments of this blockbuster film. Dbangg 2 was directed by Arbaaz Khan.

Dabangg happens to be a Salman Khan starrer where Sonakshi Sinha’s performance was much appreciated. The film met with so much success; and that’s the reason why filmmakers are interested to launch another installment of this film in the next year.

Let’s remind you that Sonakshi made her film debut in the year 2010 from Dabangg. It was her first movie where she managed to show her good acting skills.

The actress was first introduced to Bollywood by none other than Salman Khan. Dabangg already has 2 installments on its name as Dabangg (2010) and Dabangg 2 (2012). Dabangg 3 is being planned and will be launched in 2018.

Sonakshi, while speaking to the media agencies said “I’m grateful to Salman for launching in in Bollywood”. She further said that she always praises Salman and grateful to him for showing her the right direction towards making her career in Hindi cinema. She also said that whatever she is today is because of her first film- Dabangg and also because of the immense faith showed by Salman.

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She further revealed that the character that she played in Dabangg “Rajjo” is always going to be a part of Dabangg movie franchise even if it’s pointing to something else.

She also spoke about her professional relationship with Salman and revealed that we both share a good rapport with each other. So, it doesn’t make sense to speak about it in the open media as everybody already knows about it.

If you look at the beginning of her career, she was at times, criticized for performing hero centric roles like in Dabangg and Rowdy Rathore. However, Sonakshi didn’t react to any such criticism and concentrated more on her performance. Now she says that those films actually helped her make a mark in Bollywood.

She says “I always want to follow positive vibes floating in me rather than looking at all that negative things being speculated. Today, whatever and whoever I am is only because of these movies”. She further said that all I want is to be a part of Dabangg movie franchise to be launched next year.

Sonakshi concluded by saying that the films like Noor and Akira happen to be solo heroine ones. “If I am able to do such solo heroine movies, that is only because of these films. So, I don’t have any kind of complains whatsoever”.

The latest release of Sonakshi Sinha is ‘Ittefaq’ featuring Akshaye Khanna and Sidharth Malhotra.


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