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Bigg Boss Telugu 3: All Contestants Nominated For Eviction


As per the latest updates pouring in from the sets of Bigg Boss Telugu 3, all the contestants participating in the show may be asked for eviction.

This happened after all of them failed to at least complete their own nomination tasks given to them.

This had to be done only through their mutual consent. But finally, it resulted in the nomination of all the contestants from the show.


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Giving you a few details about what happened exactly after the show was started. Well, as the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 started, all the participants were asked to pick up their own chits right from the bowl. Soon after that they had to stand at the tub based with respect to the number on their chits.

As per the game rules, all the contestants are free to swap their positions as per their expectations. They had to do everything justifying the game in the Bigg Boss Telugu 3.

The contestants were listed from seventh to the first position that included Sreemukhi, Vithika Sheru, Siva Jyothi, Ali Raza, Varun Sandesh, Rahul Sipligung and Baba Bhaskar respectively.

At this moment, Varthika comes out in the picture who asks to swap with none other than Baba Bhaskar to replace her position at number six.

Later, Baba Bhaskar gives his 1st rank to none other than Sreemukhi and himself comes at number seven position.

At this time, Sreemukhi starts arguing with Rahul. She tends to discuss her performance and says that she does not the seventh position even at this stage.

After this, there comes a session of heated arguments between all the contestants at the time of negotiating their ranks.

For example, there were so many heated arguments between Vithika and Siva Jyothi and more.

The final moment is all here. The viewers are expected to save their favorites, especially by voting for them using Hotstar App or by making calls.


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