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Famous YouTuber & Comedian Bhuvan Bam’s Fashion Statement Unleashed

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Bhuvan Bam is not famous for just a single reason. In fact, the You Tuber and a comedian bring a lot more than you expect. Today, Bhuvan has become a style icon for hundreds of youth in the country.

The comedian is also regarded as one of the highly influential young stars. He got all the popularity through his YouTube channel where he regularly uploads vines. He has named his channel as “BB Ki Vines”

Through his work, the young star seems to have been a great young influencer. In the recent past, all his hard work has paid him off all he deserves.

Lately, Bhuvan’s style statement is also going. One of his biggest milestones ever is to have become the first and the only You Tuber to have crossed 10 Million subscribers.

Currently, he is associated with BB Ki Vines Private Limited. Along with that, he is also named to be the designated partner at AMB Youthiapa. It’s the name of the company that has done all the backup work. Moviesda

If you look at the journey of his professional career, then he also had to meet with some failures in his early life.

Bhuvan started his professional life with a news reporter who was assigned to report on Kashmir floods. But all his hard work made him earn only a few views on Facebook.

Afterwards, he decided to publish his very own and individual video that went viral in the year 2015. It gave him some inner strength to start his own YouTube channel.

After a gap of 4 years, he was able to publish BB Ki Vines. He was even rewarded with the prestigious ‘World Blogger Award 2019’ in the category of the best Global Entertainer. Apne TV

These days, Bhuvan Bam is hitting all the headlines in being the latest style icon among the youth. This is what his Instagram pictures reveal. The youth regularly post fashion-centric pictures on his social media account.

Some of his famous Instagram pictures include floral pink, casual wears or animal love print. In short, he is the one who knows what a fashion is meant to him.


Bhuvan Bam Looks that Marks His Fashion Statement Which is No Less Than Any Other Brand

Take a look at some of the recent style statements of Bhuvan Bam that can motivate you as a youngster.











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