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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Break Wyll’s Pact With Mizora


Baldur’s Gate 3: During Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3, players may find that Wyll is a Warlock affiliated with the Fiend, obligated to serve the Archdevil Zariel through her emissary, Mizora.

Although he entered the pact with the intention of saving lives, it doesn’t imply he approves of it.

In the long run, players will be given the kind of opportunity to sever this pact of servitude permanently. By the end of Baldur’s Gate 3, Wyll can ultimately rid himself entirely of his fiendish obligations.

Breaking Wyll’s pact with Mizora in Baldur’s Gate 3 can have significant repercussions for his companion’s quest, especially regarding the search and rescue of his father.

There can be a number of possible outcomes that players may explore in this endeavor. And so, the present guide is updated with a video to provide clearer instructions for the mission.


Mizora’s Request

baldurs gate 3 wyll pact mizora act 2

In Act 2, after finishing the game, players are going to witness Mizora appearing as a projection to assign Wyll a mission. The forces loyal to the Absolute have captured a vital “asset” belonging to Zariel, and Wyll is obligated to venture into Moonrise Towers to effect their rescue.

It’s to be seen that if the main character passes a perception check, it will surely lead to Mizora’s unusual desperation. The above indicates that they can negotiate for more from her, as she’s in no position to refuse.

And so, players will be able to propose ending Wyll’s pact if the party succeeds, but they’ll need to succeed in an Intimidation, History, or Performance check against a DC of 14 to convince her. She’ll insist on terminating the pact after the rescue, rather than before.


Where to Find Zariel’s Asset

It’s to be noted that players won’t discover the “asset” until they reach the Mind Flayer Colony, that becomes accessible after defeating Ketheric Thorm on the rooftop of Moonrise Towers.

It’s to be seen that the asset is Mizora herself, who was captured while investigating the Absolute.

The active party member must pass simple Arcana checks to recognize the devices positioned on both sides of Mizora, and then decide which one to activate.

It looks like that the “annihilate” device might seem enticing, Wyll’s contract won’t be terminated if Mizora dies.

Mizora still holds one last card: as stipulated in the contract, she has six months before she’s obligated to end it. It clearly signals that Wyll will remain a Warlock of the Fiend for the duration of the ongoing campaign at the very least.

Players will now be able to opt for a Persuasion check, with a requirement of 14. If successful, Mizora has to grant the party the Infernal Rapier.

This rapier is a +2 weapon that boosts the wielder’s spell save DC by +1 and allows them to utilize their primary spellcasting ability modifier instead of Dexterity or Strength.

The Impossible Choice

If players are able to break an end to Wyll’s pact in Act 2, Mizora’s involvement with him doesn’t cease. After reaching Wyrm’s Rock

Fortress, they’ll find Mizora positioned at the foot of the stairs leading up to the Audience Chamber. She remains silent about her presence until the party ascends to witness Lord Gortash’s coronation.

And now, it looks like Mizora will shortly disclose that Gortash has promptly transferred Ravengard to a location she doubts the party will stumble upon. She’s quite aware of the whereabouts and has a direct strategy to aid the party in locating him.

In case, Wyll tries to terminate the pact during Act 2, players finish the day next. At this time, Mizora and two witnesses will appear in the camp.

Also, Mizora will direct Wyll to his father’s location and offer aid in safeguarding him, but under the condition that Wyll forfeits his soul permanently to Mizora and Zariel.

In such a situation, if Wyll refuses, Mizora will say that Ravengard will be slain by his adversaries. With Wyll conflicted, the protagonist must make the decision for him.


The game gives leverage to players such that they can inquire about what to happen to Wyll’s powers. Mizora will mention “Addendum F,” which dictates that Wyll will retain his Warlock abilities until the Absolute is vanquished.

He will continue to be a Warlock until the conclusion of the game. Mizora lingers in the party camp regardless of whether Wyll renews the pact, at least until the player decides to dismiss her.

If there comes a situation, Mizora guides the party to the underwater prison of the Iron Throne. Once they arrive and reach Ravengard’s cell, she will cast buff spells to assist in his escape.

If Wyll ends the pact, the party can still find their way to the Iron Throne, and Ravengard will be alive. However, upon his release, Mizora will summon 6 explosive spiders in an attempt to assassinate him.

If the situation comes where Ravengard decides to end the pact, Mizora shortly acknowledges the player’s actions.

It clearly presents an opportunity for father and son to mend their relationship, and it offers the party a chance to learn about a powerful dragon who might assist in combating the Absolute’s army.

Players can save the grand duke even if Wyll is not part of the party. In this regard, Mizora won’t be able to interfere either way. Ravengard will only be found dead at the Iron Throne if players receive Mizora’s offer but fail to settle the pact decision before reaching the prison.


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