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Vin Diesel Essays A Heartfelt Note On the Death Aniversary of Paul Walker

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Vin Diesel who’s a well known Hollywood star chose to pen down a long note via social media on the death anniversary of Paul Walker. On the occasion of 8th birth anniversary, Diesel remembered him where he shared a stunning picture of Paul’s daughter named Meadow Walker clicked on her wedding day.

Diesel wrote in his post, ‘I can remember that day when you and I were filming that scene in F4 where we were eating Chinese food and we had a brother combat scene which ended in you saying ‘Letty just wanted you to come home Dom…’ When we were done filming that day you came into my trailer and asked, what’s on your mind? You always knew when something was on my mind,” Vin began. “…I told you that I was about to have a baby and didn’t know what to expect at the hospital which I was heading to after work.’



He added, ‘Will never forget what you told me… you said a lot of tough guys will tell you to wait outside of the delivery room, but that’s wrong. Go in there, actually cut the umbilical cord and it will be the best day of your life. You of course, was talking from experience, having already an angel of your own. It’s been eight years today… and not a day goes by that I don’t reflect of the brotherhood we were blessed to have… but you know that.’

‘Tragedies in life are always followed by life’s blessings if you just stay open and have faith. Look at this photo Pablo, it will make you smile. The same angel that you helped me prepare for in the most beautiful way with your brotherly advice is the same angel that precious Meadow asked to be her Maid of Honor,’ he wrote.

Vin Diesel finally concluded his post by saying, ‘How could I have known that back on the 2008 set of Fast… but maybe somehow you did. Miss you. My children always tell me that uncle Paul is with you dad, always… and I know in my heart that they are right. Miss you Pablo.”

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