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The Power of the Dog Teaser: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Wicked Avatar Leaves Fans Shocked

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The Power of the Dog Teaser: Fans will soon watch British star Benedict Cumberbatch in his upcoming film titled ‘The Power of the Dog’, for which the first teaser was released. The teaser looked quite unusual but amazing where Cumberbatch featured in an entirely new avatar.

Cumberbatch looked as a menacing man with a knack for whistling a haunting tune. What made fans amazed by watching the trailer is that it ended on a scary note. To be precise, the teaser showed how a close-up of flowers splattered with blood.

And this made the audience fell stunned by looking Benedict in such a wicked avatar.

“Woaaah..That’s what we call a teaser,” this is what a fan commented on the teaser video while another one wrote, “Benedict looks so interesting in the teaser. Must give it a watch,” he wrote.

One of the social media users expressed his happiness by commenting, “This one is going to be epic,”

‘The Power of the Dog’ is actually based on a novel of the same title by Kirsten Dunst. He’s intended to move her and her son named Smit-McPheeto the brothers’ ranch, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.


The film stars Adam Beach, Peter Carroll, Keith Carradine, Frances Conroy and Thomasin McKenzie in their respective pivotal roles. The film is expected to release directly on the OTT platform on December 1.

The makers have also decided to release ‘The Power of the Dog’ on several theatres on November 17.


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