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Thalaivasal Vijay’s Daughter Wins Silver Medal at the South Asian Games


This post is all about motivation that can be taken from the daughter of the famous Tamil movies star Vijay.

AV Jayaveena seems to have been thrilling with her recent victory at the South Asian Games where she managed receive a silver medal in the 50m Breast Stroke category of swimming that was recently concluded in Nepal.

If you look at the life of AV Jayaveena, she has been doing all the hard work since her child hood. There is no doubt when we say that she always had a passion of taking part in different sporting events. Previously, she was honoured with a plethora of medals in various sports events.

When media personals approached her to get her statement, this is what she had to say, “I guess, the medal that I got has a lot of value both personally and in my career,” she concluded.


AV Jayaveena


It was only in 2016 when she had to appear her board exams as she was about to appear in her class 12 exams. But at the same time, she was also passionate to take part in the swimming championship as well. And so, we were all confused what to do.

This is because making her sit in her 12th standard board exam was something that we could not have neglected at that moment. However, the teachers advised us not to skip the board exams as they have no provision for the child to make her sit in the exams again.

And so, we had to drop the idea of her taking part in the swimming championship. And now, she has bagged a silver medal, we are feeling overjoyed,” says Vijay.


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