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Sukuna Overpowers Yuta In Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 251

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  • Yuta showcases his formidable power and knowledge of Sukuna’s techniques, affirming his strong connection to the demon king.
  • Both Yuta and Yuji relentlessly assault Sukuna, revealing their relentless determination to rescue Megumi.
  • In a surprising move, Maki stabs Sukuna, potentially weakening him further and aiding in Megumi’s liberation.


Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 251 was released earlier today, once again showcasing Gege Akutami’s skill in illustrating intense combat.

The latest chapter centered on the ongoing battle between Yuji, Yuta, and Sukuna. This long-standing fight appears to have reached its climax in the most recent installment.


The intensity of the ongoing battle in the Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 251 is nothing short of spectacular, with fans left astonished at the potential outcome that sees Sukuna potentially defeated.

At the same time, it’s not just the main event that keeps readers on their toes, as JJK chapter 251 is packed with unexpected twists and turns that keep the excitement alive.

The chapter is also enhanced by a surprising cameo appearance towards the end, making this week’s installment of Jujutsu Kaisen thoroughly engaging and rewarding.



Yuta Lands Powerful Blows On Sukuna

In the previous chapter of JJK, fans witnessed Yuta delivering a devastating blow to Sukuna using Sukuna’s own curse technique. Having previously absorbed the Cleave technique, Yuta managed to cut Sukuna from arm to face, leaving the demon king stunned at the damage inflicted.

Yuta revealed that he possessed Sukuna’s last remaining finger, which he had consumed, allowing him to access Sukuna’s techniques. This revelation indicated Yuta’s ability to utilize all of Sukuna’s powers.

As the chapter unfolded, the assault on Sukuna persisted, with Yuta landing successive powerful strikes that significantly weakened the demon.

In tandem, Rika contributed her own attacks, while Yuji, despite enduring heavy blows, continued his relentless assault on Sukuna. Despite Sukuna retaliating with the potent Dismantle, Yuji was able to regenerate from the strike and counter with his own abilities.


Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 251


Creater Gege Akutami
Studio MAPPA
Streaming Service(s) Crunchyroll
No. of Episodes 47



Yuta and Yuji Weaken Sukuna


Yuji played a crucial role in this week’s chapter by systematically weakening Sukuna’s control over Megumi’s body. He relentlessly targeted Sukuna’s soul with powerful blows, knowing this was his last chance to save Megumi.

Yuji went all out, even using unconventional tactics such as spitting blood on Sukuna’s face and causing it to explode.

With his relentless attacks, Yuji gradually weakened Sukuna to a point where the demon king began to show signs of defeat.

As Yuji continued to pressure Sukuna, Yuta seized the opportunity to take center stage. He recognized that Sukuna would abandon using Hollow Wicker Basket and resort to an attack.

Indeed, Sukuna prepared to unleash the same devastating attack that had killed Gojo. However, Yuji and Rika intervened, creating an opening for Yuta to strike with Jacob’s Ladder at Maximum Output.

The resulting burst of light could have fatally wounded Sukuna, but something unexpected happened when Yuji finally encountered Megumi.


The outcome of this battle would have been decided immediately had Megumi complied with the wishes of Yuta and Yuji. However, Yuji was taken aback to learn that Megumi had relinquished all desires to survive and instead desired death.

While this may surprise fans, it is a logical choice given Megumi’s past actions, such as the killing of Tsumiki and Gojo. Having endured significant suffering, Megumi seeks an end to his torment, thus renouncing any hope of survival.

At this critical moment, Yuta and Yuji’s strategy crumbled, and their chance of triumph evaporated. Meanwhile, Sukuna, who had been preparing the World Splitting Dismantle, unleashed it upon Yuta, Yuji, and Rika simultaneously. The trio sustained severe damage, and Yuta’s domain began to fracture.

It is clear that both Yuta and Yuji are unable to sustain the battle any longer, given the extent of their injuries. The World Splitting Dismantle has the potential to even kill someone as powerful as Gojo, and it has taken a significant toll on Yuta and Yuji.

Yuta lost his hand and likely suffered further injuries, while Yuji also sustained substantial harm. Both characters are likely to be incapacitated or even killed, although it is worth noting that Sukuna is not at full strength.

Yuta and Yuji’s attacks have significantly weakened him, implying that his World Splitting Dismantle may not be as potent and could potentially spare some survivors.


Maki Makes Her Move


Although shocking for fans and challenging to digest, Maki emerged as the savior in the final moments. She caught Sukuna off guard and delivered a lethal blow, stabbing him through the chest with her Split Soul Katana.

It’s essential to note that Maki lacks any cursed energy, enabling her to move freely between domains and surprise even the most formidable opponents. Maki’s successful strike inflicted a mortal wound on Sukuna himself.

This event mirrors Toji’s attack on Gojo, where Maki executed a similar maneuver against Sukuna. Now, the fate of the situation rests on Maki’s shoulders.

Fortunately, she wields the power of a Split Soul Katana, which can harm Sukuna’s soul directly, weakening his hold over Megumi’s body. The chance of rescuing Megumi remains, and Maki is poised to undertake this task.


Jujutsu Kaisen is officially available for fans to read via Viz Media. The series can be accessed for free on the Shonen Jump and Manga Plus apps.

The release date for the upcoming chapter, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 252, is scheduled for March 3, 2024.

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