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Selena Gomez’ No-Makeup Pic With A Quote Is An Absolute Motivation We Need

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You might have observed many celebrities constantly updating their fans about the kind of activity they are involved back home, especially in the ongoing phase of lockdown.

But there is one who is not so frequent with that. Instead, she keeps updating her fans with motivational posts at a regular interval of time. Well, you might be thinking what we are talking about.

We’re talking about the pop star Selena Gomez who recently brought something nice for her fans.

The pop star took her social media account recently to share her no makeup picture. Along with that she also shared a quote that looks so inspiring for all.

The Hollywood star decided to take her Instagram account to share a very inspiring mirror selfie where she looks quite afresh with no makeup at all.

She also attached an inspiring quote that says, “I’m in charge of how I feel, and today I chose to be happy”. This is something that one should feel motivated about.

Talking about the work, Selena Gomez is keen to work in her latest doll version of the music video titled ‘Boyfriend‘. The music video was liked by the masses and went viral online.

Another speculation oozed out soon after the video was posted on the Internet. BTS fans made a speculation that Gomez will be collaborating with the South Korean Boy Band in the future.


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