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Robot 2 Box Office Collection Day 6- Akshay Kumar Starrer Smashes All Previous Records By Inching Towards Rs 500 Crore

Robot 2 Box Office Collection

Robot 2 Box Office Collection– Before we update you with the figures of Robot 2 box office collection, let us take a dig about the action on the big screens.

Even before the Robot 2 release date, Akshay Kumar fans looked excited for the release of this much anticipated movie. The entire Bollywood fraternity looked optimistic about the success of this Akshay Kumar movie which is currently making ripples all across the country. It has some amazing action that you should never miss.


Robot 2 Box Office Collection
Robot 2 Box Office Collection


Movie Name:                      Robot 2
Genre:                                    Sci-Fi, Action
Released Date:                   November 29, 2018
Directed By:                        Shankar Shanmugham 
Written By:                         Subhash Kapoor
Casts:                                    Akshay Kumar, Amy JacksonRajnikanth


As per the industry insiders, Robot 2 has already collected a whopping Rs 24 crore in a span of four days. The film was released on November 29. It simply made a mark not only in the domestic market but also in the overseas market as well.

In short, we can say that Robot 2 has registered the most emphatic win on the silver screen. Those who analyzed the movie closely say that robot 2 has left behind the recently released movie Baahubali 2 movie as well.

It is expected that Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth film will become more aggressive in the time to come and become one of the greatest record breaking movies. Even before the release of robot 2, it was being expected that it would perform outstandingly well just because the presence of Akshay Kumar.


Robot 2 Box Office Collection


The robot 2 trailer that was released earlier managed to impress the audience in great ways. It has already made a mark in countries like US, Australia, etc. After experiencing some great acting skills of Akshay Kumar in robot 2, a plethora of Bollywood celebrities came forward and praise the actor’s performance in the film.

Most of them said that nobody can present such a great acting skills like Akshay Kumar. In fact, after looking at his acting power, some of them even compared him just like a well known Hollywood actor.


Robot 2 box office collection Day 6- The movie has grossed close to Rs 123 Crore

As per the latest Bollywood news, within a span of five days, Akshay Kumar starrer Robot 2 has been declared successful on both the domestic and international box office. The film managed to gross Rs 11.50 crore on December 4, 2018 (Tuesday) taking the overall collection to Rs 122.50 crore.

We would like to update you that 2.o has been the most expensive film in the history of Bollywood. It was made with a budget of Rs 500 crore.



Robot 2 Box Office Collection


Now, if we take a dig at Rajnikanth’s Hindi version of robot 2, it is going stronger even in the weekdays. Well, this is not a surprise at all. This is because everything is working in the favor of the film.

Those who have already watched the film seem to have been promoting the movie by the word of mouth. As you know, robot 2 has been directed by none other than Shankar which is more like spiritual successor to Enthiran (2010).


Trade expert Taran Adarsh gives real figures

Let’s take a look at what Taran Adarsh (trade expert) has to say on the 2.0 collection at the box office.  This is what he chose to write on his Twitter account “Robot 2.0 has set the box office on fire. The movie has gone ahead keeping double figures at the domestic box office. It’s trending marvelously well even on weekdays.”

Thursday – 20.25 crore

Friday- 25 crore

Saturday- 34 crore

Sunday- 13.75 crore

Monday- 11.50 crore

Total- Rs 122.50 crore


Robot 2 box office collection Day 6- What Film Critics Have to Say

Well, before we move forward and let you know more about the robot 2 box office collection day 6, let us take a look at what film critics have to say about the overwhelming performance of the film.

As per Shubhra Gupta (well known film critic), the actual movie starts after the interval. She gives a 2 star rating to the movie.


Robot 2 Box Office Collection


She says the real movie starts soon after the interval, especially when Akshay Kumar takes an entry. It shows how things go wild after good man turns bad. This is the time when everything starts flowing in the movie.

Akshay turns into a bird man and tries to do everything to protect his armed brigade of feathery friends. It further shows the killing and forcing his way through tall cell towers and buildings along with the population that like their hand sets.

She further added to what she disclosed earlier. She added that Akshay’s presence in the movie brings much needed energy to the film. Again, it is all up to the director Shankar as how much he likes to crank things up to the climax. Well, the movie has all that Akshay’s fans are looking forward to.

Now, as we all noticed the film has got an impressive start. It is to be seen how long robot 2 can sustain its magic on the box office. As of now, it seems like people are going crazy to move towards theaters to watch their favorite star’s movie.


Robot 2 box office collection Day 6-The movie collected Rs 114 crore internationally

In the last 6 days, the country has seen immense box office collection of Rs 337 crore and has brought Rs 114 crore from the international market. At this time, robot 2 is playing smooth internationally. It has made close to $4 million in USA.



On one hand, robot 2 is making ways at the box office; Thugs of Hindostan just proved nothing more than a dud. It’s the magic of 2.0 that almost revived the box office collection.

The movie is going strong both in the domestic and international markets. It seems to have collected over Rs 450 crore globally in the last 6 days and is soon going to cross Rs 500 crore.


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