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Mowgli Trailer- The Upcoming Movie Looks Like a Visual Treat with Andy Serkis’ Retelling of The Jungle Book

Mowgli trailer | Image Credit: YouTube

Mowgli Trailer- Andy Serkins much awaited Mowgli film’s trailer has now been released on the internet on Tuesday (July 10, 2018).


Mowgli trailer
Mowgli trailer


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The newly released Mowgli trailer looks like the darkest retelling of the much popular tale of a 19 year old boy who spent major part of his life in jungles. The story of Mowgli relates to one of the most popular 19th century tales of India.

The Mowgli trailer is of two minute duration and tends to open with a much dreary sight. It shows how the 19 year old boy gets caught by villagers in a cage.

The entire act is being voiced by Bale’s brawny who says “you might have heard lots of stories related to jungle but I have specifically lived in a cage (King’s palace)”.

After all this gets over, the audience are then introduced to Bagheera which is a CGI animated, and voiced by Bale. The entire sequences look promising  in the trailer. The film is scheduled to release in the month of October, this year.


Movie Name:                                Mowgli
Genre:                                             Animation / Action / Adventure
Released Date:                           October 19, 2018
Directed By:                                 Andy Serkis
Written By:                                   Callie Kloves
Casts:                                             Benedict Cumberbatch, Andy Serkis, Naomie Harris 


By looking at the Mowgli trailer, all we can say that it seems quite darker as compared to any Jungle Book you have gone through. The first trailer which is an adaptation of Jungle book has already gone live online and looks like the darkest masterpiece that we would have never seen before.


Well, the 2 minute (approx) Mowglitrailer narrates the tale of a much known familiar world and is full of characters that we already know. But the tale is depicted with a little twist.

For example, it first shows how Mowgli is being caged by people of the village. The little kid behaves just like a feral child. It also shows the level of cruelty against the child by the local villagers just because they consider him an outsider.


Mowgli trailer looks much darker than any Jungle Book

As we all know that Mowgli prefers to live in the Jungles in India. It’s the point that exactly resembles the story of the little boy that we know from ages. The Mowgli trailer also depicts a plenty of dreary tone glimpses of the adventure that will be unearthed only in the month of October.

After watching Mowgli trailer, it looks exactly like the recently released Warner Bros. update titled- “The Legend of Tarzan”.

The upcoming film Mowgli was originally shot back in 2014 was primarily given the name of Jungle Book. But it was altogether beaten by Dissney that released film in 2016.

Serkis (director) was expected to create a new sensation revealed in 2017 that his upcoming film’s title is going to be Mowgli. It was also named as Jungle Book. Let’s see how they go about it.

Mowgli is just created on the pattern of Jon Favreau’s Disney movie and tend to feature much anticipated cast. Like, Benedict Cumberbatch plays the character of Shere Khan, Bagheera is voiced by Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett plays the character of Kaa. In the same ways, Rohan Chand plays the role of Mowgli and Serkis happens to play the role of Baloo.

Mowgli (2018) film cast includes Freida Pinto. The film is scheduled for release on October 19, 2018.


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