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Mira Rajput Complaints After Marrying Shahid Kapoor

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Shahid Kapoor looks happy about becoming a father of a cute little baby girl. He wants to achieve all in life to make her daughter feel proud.

As per him, Mira Rajput is completely down to earth and likes all the outdoor activities. Either it’s about shopping, going to the gym and anything of that sort.

But now, she has a complaint that she is no more able to go out freely as people (most of the times) have started recognizing at various fronts.

Those who are still unaware about Shahid and Mira Rajput, let’s help them by telling they both got married last year in 2015.

In fact, Mira is younger than her husband for around 13 years. But they look a great couple. And now, both are feeling overjoyed at the birth of their daughter Misha.

Mira Rajput has changed the life of Shahid post marriage

In reply to a question, the Haider star said that he had learnt some great values of life from his wife. Mira has actually done it.

She’s the one who has brought him closer to the reality. He said Mira is completely down to earth and there is a plethora of things that she use to tell me.

The impact of those things are such that I always find myself connected with them. Even if I forget some of them, she still keeps them right in front of me.

For example, my expenses while doing online shopping and the price of petrol. So, they’re just normal things, but are related to me directly.

Mira Rajput
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They’re so valuable for me and show me the right direction. Shahid was speaking during a program at the ongoing ‘Jio Mami’ 28th International film festival.

The 35 year old dashing artist also revealed other things like he always takes suggestions from his wife at the time of script narrations. May God bless them with abundant love and blessings from almighty!

Shahid says that his wife is 13 years younger to him. That’s why she already knows the perspective of his audience towards him.

He says my life has completely changed after the birth of my daughter Misha.

He says the fatherhood experience gives me, strength from inside and even has made me stronger.

He inherently gets all the feelings towards her daughter that he wants to do the best for her. He says I love both my daughter and wife Mira Rajput.




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