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K-pop Group H1-KEY Shares Insights On How H1-KEYnote Shaped Their Creative Journey


H1-KEY is becoming increasingly popular these days. The KPop group comprises Yel, Hwiseo, Riina, and Seoi together. It was on January 5, 2022 when all four of them started performing on the stage.

Since their debut, the group has managed to showcase their talent by releasing 2 more EPs. Most recently, they have managed to release their H1-KEYNote project.

In 2024, the girls gang decided to float through an unconventional path that actually made the difference. Instead of putting out a full album or EP, they chose to unveil singles as part of a music project.

In their journey of Kpop, the girls had to change their path to RnB and ballads. However, they were earlier engaged in music genres like hip hop and ballads.

Now, the above venture that they hold together looks like another feather to their cap which clearly showcases their versatility altogether. At present, the project comprises two singles including ‘Thinking About You’ and ‘Deeper’.


EXCLUSIVE: K-pop group H1-KEY on how H1-KEYnote influenced their creative process: “The project mirrors our artistic vision”

K-pop Group H1-KEY Shares Insights On How H1-KEYnote Shaped Their Creative Journey

Lets discuss about ‘Deeper’ which is nothing but a new music track having smooth and refreshing RnB beats. The track looks so engaging that it tells you about lingering feelings that have come along after a breakup. And so, you can feel a sensation of heartbreak. Right after that you can sense the determination to go ahead in life.

The music project’s second single, “Thinking About You,” is performed entirely in English by the girls. It’s a poignant ballad where they pour their emotions into every note. The track features minimalistic instrumentals and beautifully harmonized vocals, creating an immersive listening experience. While it delves into the pain of heartbreak, it also highlights the mistakes made by the lover. There’s a hint of frustration in the lyrics, especially when the girls sing.

Furthermore, their past releases have explored diverse musical themes and genres. When asked about the transition from those genres to R&B and ballad for the H1-KEYnote project and how it affected their creative process and artistic expression, and whether they noticed any differences in these efforts, RIINA explained, “Rather than changes in artistic expression, I view it as an expansion of our artistic range. In preparing for this album and its tracks, we underwent extensive training to broaden our scope and the variety of colors we can present to our audience.”


You can watch the live performance of H1-KEY ‘Thinking About You’ below:


Watch H1-KEY’s ‘Deeper’:


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