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Jack Goes Home Veers From a Ghost Story to Black Comedy

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The film “Jack Goes Home” at first seems much like a well narrated ghost story, but then takes a turn to become an irresistible black comedy.

It stars Jack Thurlowe (as Rory Culkin) who has a cheerful fiancee by the name Cleo (as Britt Robertson).

Jack himself works as an editor of a magazine. Cleo is 7 months pregnant with Jack. Everything seems perfect until Jack comes to know that his parents have met with a car accident.

Now, he almost decides to rush back to his hometown as everything happens there only. He further learns that his mother Teresa (Lin Shaye) is fine, but his father succumbed to his injuries.

Genre:                            Drama & Horror
Release Date:               Oct 14, 2016 (worldwide)
Directed By:                  Thomas Dekker
Duration:                       100 minutes
Casts:                               Rory Culkin (as Jack), Lin Shaye (as Teresa), Nikki Reed (as Crystal)

After Jack returns home by attending his father’s funeral, their own relationship starts taking turns. It sores so much that he’s unable to grieve for his own father.

Then all of a sudden, someone by the name Duncan (Louis Hunter) takes an entry.

He looks so mysterious and happens to be the couple neighbor. At this time, Jack learns something that has been taught by his father when he was a kid.

He actually discovers a handful of video and audio recordings of his father. By looking at them, he remembers his childhood memory and the pillar of his identity.

Now, the pressure starts mounting on his head to change his thoughts and ideas that he used to believe during his infancy. Jack always believed the idyllic world that surrounds him is not actually as what it seems. It’s full of deception, lies, murder and violence.

Very soon, Jack decides to travel to his hometown to live with his mother, after his father dies in the car crash. His mother takes some time to fully recover from her injuries.

The story soon takes a turn to become a black comedy after Jack comes to know an unbelievable side of the story that gets revealed to only exacerbate his already deteriorating piece of mind.

But for now, he’s busy serving his mother and looks quite unfazed by the horrific tragedy.




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