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Free Fire OB38 Gun Skins, Backpack Skins & More Leaked

Free Fire OB38

It came to highlight when famous leakers like top_leaks_ff and knightclown_ revealed different types of gun skins through their Instagram post. These are likely to be added in the OB38 version of the game.

Take a look at some of the different ones that were seen in the past:

  • VSS – Heartseeker
  • MP5 – Achiever
  • XM8 – Blizzard Brawl
  • Groza – Heartseeker
  • PARAFAL – Sickly Sweet
  • SCAR – Nightfire Kami
  • AC80 – S33 Exclusive Homer
  • The Golden MAC10
  • Bizon – Blizzard Brawl


In addition to all the above, the video released also included an impressive Scythe skin named Stomwrath Sickle.

It’s come to notice that a few skin types like Groza – Heartseeker and VSS – Heartseeker seem to become a part of events like the Valentine’s Day events that are about to release next month.

Unfortunately, it’s still unknown to the players how these different types of skins will be made available to them. Some look like free while others may require diamonds. It’s expected them to arrive in the upcoming weeks.

Apart from knightclown_, gun skins and top_leaks_ff provided some insights for a few backpack skins. Take a look below to find the entire list:

  • Sandwich Backpack
  • Voidborne Backpack
  • Pop-Pow Backpack
  • Omnireptile Backpack
  • Ski Trip Carry-On
  • Feathering
  • Achiever Backpack
  • Pixel Croco Backpack
  • Project Q Backpack
  • Serpent Backpack

Players must keep in mind the very fact that these are no more than leaks and not actually released by the team of developers for players.

But keeping in mind that these two data miners have earlier provided accurate details, they look credible.


OB38 version Previous Leaks

Another data miner VIP Clown has previously leaked a number of emotes that developers may like to add to Free Fire. Take a look at some of them below:

  • Shall We Dance
  • Cinder Summon
  • Croco Hooray
  • Make Some Noise
  • Angry Walk
  • Be my Valentine
  • Techno Blast
  • The Influencer

In addition to the above, he also unearthed as many as 3 animations that are likely to be made available shortly:

  • Achiever Steps
  • Koi Descend
  • Let’s Rock Baby!

Please note that the above leaks basically give players an idea of the upcoming OB38 update of the ff game.

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