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Free Fire Less Is More Event: Get Bonus Diamonds for Cheap


The “Less is More” event in Garena Free Fire is an excellent opportunity for players who are interested in topping up their in-game diamonds at a more cost-effective rate.

The event essentially offers the in-game currency (diamonds) at a reduced price, with the discount being contingent on the number of diamonds that players already have in their accounts.

This event typically runs for approximately two weeks, giving players a substantial window of time to take advantage of the opportunity and accumulate more diamonds in their in-game accounts.

“Less is More” can be an attractive event for players who want to maximize their diamond balance and potentially secure in-game items, skins, or other content without having to spend as much real money.

For specific details about the event, such as pricing tiers and discounts, it’s recommended to refer to the in-game announcements and event descriptions, as the details may vary from one event to another.


Less is More event starts in Free Fire

A new event has started in the game (Image via Garena)
A new event has started in the game (Image via Garena)



Thank you for providing the specific details of the “Less is More” event in Free Fire. This information is very helpful for players who are interested in taking advantage of this cost-effective opportunity to acquire in-game diamonds. 

The event, running from October 18, 2023, to October 29, 2023, offers players a discount on the purchase of 520 diamonds based on the number of diamonds they currently possess. The pricing tiers are as follows: 

  • If players have 0-50 diamonds: They can purchase 520 diamonds at INR 160.
  • If players have 50-150 diamonds: They can purchase 520 diamonds at INR 240.
  • If players have 150-300 diamonds: They can purchase 520 diamonds at INR 320.
  • If players have more than 300 diamonds: The regular price is INR 400 for 520 diamonds.
  • This event allows players to obtain diamonds at a reduced cost compared to the regular diamond purchase. These diamonds can be used in various in-game activities, such as Luck Royales and other ongoing events, enhancing the overall gaming experience.


It’s worth noting that the purchases made during this event count towards the top-up event, which can lead to bonus rewards for players, making it an even more attractive opportunity to bolster their in-game resources.


How to buy diamonds from the Less is More event in Free Fire

Follow the steps below to access the event (Image via Garena)




Please adhere to the below given steps to access Less is More event and then try to grab the the currency inside Garena Free Fire:

Step 1: First, you need to launch the royale title 

Step 2: Next, tap the Diamond icon given on the top of the screen

Step 3: Next, select the Less is More event and go ahead with the purchase

Step 4: After you complete the payment successfully, you will receive 520 diamonds in your in-game account


Ongoing Top-Up event in Free Fire

Here is the ongoing event in the game (Image via Garena)


Please check the tasks that you need to complete along with the rewards:

  • Smash the Feather emote: Top-up 100 diamonds
  • Sunset Explorer (Mask): Top-up 300 diamonds
  • Sunset Explorer (Head): Top-up 500 diamonds
  • Sunset Explorer (Shoes): Top-up 700 diamonds
  • Sunset Explorer (Bottom): Top-up 900 diamonds
  • Sunset Explorer (Top): Top-up 1000 diamonds

The above Free Fire event is going to end very soon. In case, you wish to go ahead in the game, never forget to receive these rewards on time.

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