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Farhan Akhtar Stars In ‘Rock On!! 2’, Says Never Imagined Playing In A Band

Farhan Akhtar
Farhan Akhtar performing Image Credit: justdial.com

If you’re one of the die hard fans of Bollywood, then you must have known about Farhan Akhtar. Today, Farhan is highly respected as a famous actor, singer, live performer and filmmaker.

He will be soon appearing in his latest film ‘Rock On!! 2‘ which is going to be released on November 11, 2016.

Nowadays, he looks so excited for this film, which also cast some other stars including “Shraddha Kapoor”, “Prachi Desai” and “Arjun Rampal”. ‘Rock On!! 2’ is produced by Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar.

The actor can be seen taking part in different live concerts and looks so generous with his enabled art and talent. In the coming time, probably next month, he’s scheduled to share the stage with some eminent personalities in the world of music.

They’re none other than Arijit Singh, Flo Rida and Alan Walker. The live concert music has to happen at the most prestigious Enchanted Valley Carnival.

The venue would also welcome his father and veteran lyricist “Javed Akhtar”. This would be the moment for the entire music fraternity in India to welcome such illustrious personalities.

This is the time when he goes candid about his passion for music. Everybody knows that his father has contributed immensely to his writing skills and also to his band’s latest and upcoming projects.

After he was asked about his choice- recording music sitting in the studio or to perform live, he says that he has a passion to perform live, by far.

Farhan Akhtar was bombarded a plethora of questions and one of them was about his thoughts on the current trend that sees most international bands coming and performing live in the country.

He says, it to become a norm instead of becoming a trend.

The actor cum musician elaborates further by saying that he likes this more to happen in the country as the audiences can get a better revelation to all kinds of music.

However, in the past, they predominantly used to listen Bollywood or Hollywood music either on TV or radio.

This way, I feel it’s nice for them to get a real exposure to an already booming music culture back in India.

Also, they can now witness more and more international bands getting attracted towards a thick fan base following in India.

It’s quite a good cause because fans can now witness all the action in the live concerts which is otherwise not possible at other locations.

See what Farhan Akhtar has to say if anybody influences him to become what he’s at present

Farhan Akhtar was again asked if his father Javed Akhtar influenced him. Then he retaliates saying that as a kid, he never knew the destination in his life and says I feel more relaxed after

I finally have a profession and can rely on it. It all happened during my upbringing as I gradually became more influenced towards films.

That’s the reason I chose none other than the films as my profession.

But at the same time, I never imagined to be a part of a music band. He says that he’s thankful to almighty for presenting him the bundle of joy.

Farhan when asked to put forth his views on the kind of reception he’s looking forward from Rock On!! 2, he said he never expects anything of that sort.

This is because it’s actually not possible to gauge a film on the same pretext just because it’s sequel is being made.

He thinks even when we’re busy making the first part, we never knew it’s going to be appreciated.

So, all that matters is your sincerity and dedication towards your target and hopefully we expect that audiences would again recognize the same.




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