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Elizabeth Olsen Says Nepotism Creates Fear that You Have No Talent to Get Work

Elizabeth Olsen

Hollywood actress Elizabeth Olsen says that Nepotism is such a thing that makes your life miserable by making you thoughtful that you don’t deserve the kind of work you are getting.

Also, you sometimes start feeling that you have no talent in you and are useless.

While sharing her thoughts, the actress said she once thought of changing her surname because of that.

She said that at one point of time in her professional career, she even thought of distancing from her highly successful and talented family just to avoid consequences of nepotism.

Olsen was narrating a few incidences in her life that happened to her because of getting work in Hollywood.

She also thinks that you need to remain safe while working in Hollywood. This is why the actress takes care a lot about her safety and well being than blindly trusting anyone from the industry.

This is what she shares, “It was insanity. There were times when my sisters would always be spotted and I would be in the car with them and it would really freak me out. It has helped me navigate how I want to approach my career,” said the actress, whose older sisters are Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen.

The actress further pointed out that because of nepotism, she always had to prove herself that she has all the talent and guts to establish herself as a successful actress. She further added, “I couldn’t walk in a room without everyone already having an opinion.”

“The thing about nepotism is the fear that you don’t earn or deserve the work. There was even a part of me when I was a little girl that thought if I’m gonna be an actress I’m going to go by Elizabeth Chase, which is my middle name. And then, once I started working, I was like, ‘I love my family, I like my name, I love my sisters. Why would I be so ashamed of that?’ It’s fine now,” the actress clarified.

Olsen also clarified that it as fame that was responsible to have made her more like a homebody.

This is what she has to say, “Fame has also made me someone who is more of a homebody than maybe I would like to be but I know where not to go.

If I could do whatever I wanted for the day, I’d start with the gym, then I’d go to the grocery store, because it’s my favorite thing,” the actress told a publication.


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