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Dragon Ball Z: Did You Know Krillin Never Got Over His Ex-Girlfriend?

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z: Being one of the fans of Dragon Ball Z, you might be excited to know about Krillin’s past and some details about his ex-girlfriend Maron.

The next episode of Dragon Ball Z comes up with a lot of emotions where Krillin breaks up with Maron as he believes that she sees him only because of fun.

On the other hand Maron finally surprises him by her true feelings towards him. The storyline goes interesting as it gives some depth to the character of Krillin. It also shows the complexities of emotions in the Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z: Did You Know Krillin Never Got Over His Ex-Girlfriend?

Fans are so excited about Dragon Ball Z that they want to check the personal lives of its characters along with all the ups and downs in their relationships.

In the most recent episode, they look interested to discuss Krillin’s past along with his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Maron on Reddit. It all could happened because of an emotional filler episode.

The Dragon Ball Z episode 121 is titled ‘Goku’s Special Technique,’ this made fans witness the break up of Krillin with Maron happened during the Garlic Jr.


Saga Adds Depth to the Characters of Dragon Ball Z

As the title suggests, Saga adds some depth to the characters by exploring their vulnerabilities and emotions. It further showcases that even the bravest warriors can have the moment of sadness.

The storyline showcases the suffering of Krillin just like its poignant aspect. Although, you might have observed the Japanese Anime Series has mainly depicted the comic side of Krillin, the latest episode of Dragon Ball Z showcases his emotional side.

The Storyline of Dragon Ball Z

The storyline starts with the fun part where it shows how Krillin and Maron enjoy their vacation on a beach. Although, Krillin cares much about Maron, he wants to end his relationship with her. It’s because he believes that Maron is there with him only for fun. Finally, he breaks this news to her during sunset.



During the conversation, Maron surprises Krillin as she confesses that she would have clearly accepted his proposal mainly because she has genuine feelings for him.

After Krillin knows her feelings, he regrets his decision and tries to connect her. But she leaves with someone else, leaving him alone on the beach.

This is where Krillin likes to seek solace at Master Roshi’s place. This is where everyone else wonders about where Maron has gone. At this time, Krillin creates a story and tells that he ended his relationship as it was falling.

As soon Krillin narrates the story of his break up with Maron, his friends Yamcha, and Chi Chi Bulma express their shocks and also agree to him that Maron was never a great match for him.

It was only Gohan who actually sees through Krillin’s face and even tries to empathize with his pain. At this time Krillin laughs to mask his suffering, but he tears lurk behind his sunglasses.

Although, there are many reasons that come out of this discussion, his wife, Android 18 is completely unaware of his past crush on Maron. It shows their relationship was never strong but Android 18 still values Krillin’s strong will, deciding not to delve into his past.

The storyline indicates the emotional journey of Krillin with Maron which highlights the very complexity of human emotions in the episode of Dragon Ball Z.



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