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Christmas 2020 to Be Celebrated On January 8 Instead of December 25?


The year 2020 has been all the way different than previous years. But you must be wondering the reason why Christmas will have to be celebrated on January 9, 2021 instead of December 25, 2020?

Well, the above thought came out from a viral meme according to which Santa Claus who has to come every year on the occasion of Christmas (December 25) will now have to go to quarantine for a period of 14 days in the presence of Covid-19.

And this is why, Christmas 2020 is delayed. In that sense, Santa would also have to follow the norms of Covid-19 before bringing all the joyous moments in the lives of people.

In that sense, Christmas 2020 will have to be extended for a period of 14 days and will therefore fall on January 14, 2021.

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Like each year, Christmas is celebrated with loads of joy and triumph. This year too, we all need to wait for the festive celebration all around after Christmas arrives. Christmas is celebrated on the day when Jesus was born and falls on December 25.

Like many other festivals in India, Christmas is one of the biggest festivals across the globe where millions of people enjoy and celebrate the festival of lights in high spirits. This year too, the same is expected from people of all the races, countries and religion.

The festival is the reason to bring unity, prosperity and trust on humanity and also helps to get rid of evil spirits. In 2020, we all witnessed how Covid-19 devastated the entire world, we expect it will bring all the happiness as and when it arrives.

Many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities couldn’t wait for the Christmas to arrive and started decorating their homes with all the beautiful stuffs. By looking at the craze among people of all races and religion, we can say that this year’s Christmas is going to be filled with more fun than ever.

Christmas is the perfect time to have all your family members and friends gather and celebrate the festival with all the fun.

As per the tradition, people like to share extensive gift items, attending church, decorating Christmas Tree with colorful lights and anticipate the arrival of Santa.

We all wish to greet you in advance for Merry Christmas 2020 which is actually falling in December 25.


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