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Avengers Infinity War to Become the Most Expensive Film Ever

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Avengers Infinity War is reported to be the most expensive film in the history of Hollywood.

As per some initial reports by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the budget of the film Avenges: Infinity War along with its sequel (coming in 2019) is going to surge as high as no one can expect.

Well, we now have got the largest movie production with a budget close to a whopping $1 billion.

As per Dan Cathy (co-owner), this has been a huge budget in the history of Hollywood.

Although, no one is taking the names of any films, but it’s likely that the films are none other than Avengers: Infinity War along with its sequel.

The shooting for both the films is currently going on at Pinewood. As per the reports pouring in, the billion dollar budget will be shared among both the films.

By looking at the above report, we can at least predict that Hollywood has no boundaries as far as film budget is concerned.

There is a plethora of fat budget studios like Marvel and Twentieth Century Fox, known to throw plenty of dollars to their new and existing ventures.

On one hand, a majority of films happens to recoup their overall expenses, the audiences usually remain stunned to look at the ever surging figures (budget) such films are made.

Avengers Infinity War and Avengers 4 each to cost $500 million

As per the recent updates, Atlanta happens to be the current location of the film requiring such a healthy budget.

Other films like Black Panther is on the verge of finishing its project. But the standalone seems to have fallen with a budget quite similar to other solo flicks, to leave almost $150-200 M maximum. For now, Avengers Infinity War comes up with a massive insane budget.

The one billion mark is likely to split between the two upcoming projects. Out of those, one will be spent on Avengers Infinity War (first installment) and the other one will be Avengers 4 that will follow a year later. So, both blockbusters would cost $500 million each.



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