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Ashutosh Rana Contracts Covid-19 After Taking the First Dose of the Vaccine

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Bollywood actor Ashutosh Rana has fallen prey to the deadly coronavirus right after getting administered the Covid-19 vaccine.

Well, this is something critical as the country is going towards the explosion in the number of Covid cases. The situation this year is pretty much worse than last year.

After getting the Covid-19, Rana chose to take his Facebook account to share the update about his health.

In his long note, he cautioned everyone who came in his contact in the recent past. He also urged them to get tested as soon as possible.

This is what he posted on his social media handle in Hindi, “यह जगतजननी की विशेष अनुकम्पा है कि मुझे आज बैठकी के दिन पता चला की मैं कोरोना ग्रस्त हो चुका हूँ, मैं तत्काल ही इस विकार से मुक्त होने दिशा में बढ़ गया हूँ, मुझे परमपूज्य गुरुदेव दद्दाजी की कृपा पर अखंड विश्वास है की मैं शीघ्र ही स्वस्थ हो जाऊँगा। मैंने अपने सम्पूर्ण परिवार का टेस्ट भी करवा लिया है जिसकी रिपोर्ट कल आ जाएगी। किंतु ७ अप्रेल के बाद अपने सम्पर्क में आए हुए सभी मित्रों, शुभचिंतकों, प्रशंसकों से निवेदन है की वे भी निर्भय होकर अपनी जाँच करवाएँ। (It is a special blessing of Goddess that today I came to know on beithaki that I have contracted coronavirus, I have moved myself immediately in the direction of getting rid of this virus, I have unwavering faith in the grace of His Holiness Gurudev Daddaji that I will soon recover. I have also got my entire family tested, and their reports are awaited tomorrow. But post 7 April all the friends, well-wishers and fans who have come in contact with me, are requested to get yourselves tested)”.

Ashutosh Rana is currently quarantined at his residence. It was only a few days back when both Ashutosh Rana and his wife Renuka Shahane shared their pictures on social media after getting administered the Covid-19 vaccine.


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