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5 Ways to Snipe Your Opponents In Free Fire

Free Fire

Free Fire gives everything a player expects anything. Needless to say, it gives HD quality graphics options along with loads of other options in terms of weapons. And all this makes the game a top-notch BR-title.

While playing the game, they are allowed to choose to various assault rifles to snipers to not only lead the team but also to fit their game. For example, guns in the category give option to players to defeat their enemy within seconds.

All the rifles are heavy and can be used to offer single shot damage. Most of these weapons come with pre-equipped scopes. This is to provide an extra advantage at the time of long range battles.

In order to excel in the game, players always look forward to using snippers. The present document will help you give 5 such tips and tricks to get far more kills using long range weapons in Free Fire.


Tips to improve sniping in Free Fire

5) Choose a good character and pet combinations

When it comes to Free Fire, Garena offers some pets and special characters. They actually help a player to improve his gaming experience and performance. Those players who prefer using snipper rifles, Maro happens to be one such exciting entity.

The basic or first level of his Falcon Ferver ability is seen to have raised the damage over distance by up to 5%. It also allows them to increase the damage by up to 1%.From a pet, gamers can use Detective Panda, which restores some HP upon each kill.


4) Weapon choice is crucial

The developers of the Free Fire game are already aware of all the useful things of the game. Due to this, they have included some amazing attributs in each category.

For example, if gamers need to destroy enemy squads, they can well use Kar98K and AWM which are nothing but 2 popular snippers in the Free Fire recommended by pros quite often.

The former rifle is included to be one of the deadliest weapons in the game along with top notch damage-dealing ability. But players can make use of AWM via airdrops which is often tough to find.

In such cases, players can equip Kar98K which is again a best alternative.


3) wait for the enemy to stop running around

Players need to make use of all the tricks while playing Free Fire. And so, they need to have all the precision and accuracy. Gamers also need to move around a lot as standing along would pose dangers.


2) Don’t shoot from the same position

Players also need to learn how to get easy kills in the Free fire game using their snippers. They can make use of new cover in a much protected area. This is how they feel more protective and safe while playing FF.

In the same way, you can also make use of peek-and-shoot to reveal fewer body parts. You can also make use of different windows along with other TRP locations to simply dodge enemies’ attacks and snipe them.


1) Practice aiming for the head

The best tip of playing Free Fire will be to always aim for the enemy’s head. It’s because all these shots will come up with maximum damage to your enemies.



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