Roblox: Blox Fruits Codes February 2024

Roblox players can redeem Blox Fruits codes

They can now redeem these codes for double XP and stat resets

To obtain new Blox Fruits codes can be challenging

In spite of the above, you can still grab active codes are that are still available

The codes listed are checked regularly to ensure they are still valid

Active Blox Fruits Codes for the month of February include rewardfun, Axiore, Bignews

Bluxxy, Enyu_is_Pro, fudd10_v2, JCWK, kittgaming, KITT_RESET, Magicbus, NEWTROLL

To play blox fruit codes, players need to select their Marines or Pirates faction

Afterwards, players need to take quests to get XP and Beli which are local currency

For Beli, players can purchase swords, guns, Blox Fruits that grant skills, and, importantly, boats