Ram Charan looks dapper in this unique hairstyle along with his attire. The South star is sporting a white t shirt along with blue jeans

The actor is known for his unmatched hairstyles as you might have seen him doing different kind of roles in films with all the passion.

Do you know Ram Charan is one of the most stylist actors in Tollywood? In almost all his films, he adopts different hairstyles.

As per reports, Ram Charan's hairstylists charge a whopping Rs 1.5 lakhs per sitting to make his hairs look trendy and stylish.

Ram Charan will be working in another film after RRR which is titled 'RC 15'. It's going to be a huge entertainer as guaranteed by makers.

The actor is accompanied by three assistants whose job is to give him a trendy hairstyle. He has to bear the cost of having them.

He mocked a semi-buzz haircut and is simply looking like a boss. He has sides clipped shorter with asymmetrical hair cur on top

'RC 15'is expected to be a huge entertainer as guaranteed by makers. The film is to be directed by Shankar and produced by Dil Raju.

The actor shows a party perfect look with gelled hair and long beard that suit him.  He looks dapper in the present attire as well.

The actor shows off messy hair on his forehead which is a kind of inspiration for all the men who love such a messy look.

He's looking in one of his best hairstyles in this picture. The boyish look really suits him while playing different roles