Moon Knight episode 6: Watch MCU Series starring Oscar Isaac

In the final episode of Moon Knight, the Marvel series will star Ethan Hawke and Oscar Isaac on the first season on Disney Plus

Moon Knight Episode 5 In the last episode of Moon Knight, the makers revealed Marc’s history of his traumatic childhood and abuse.

It helped him and Steven to come together for a cause and showed how different Oscar Isaac characters started crumbling down.

In the previous episode, it all happened as Stevans turned into sand at the time when Marc is thrown into the ‘Field of Reeds.’

What to Expect from Moon Knight Episode 6? Looking at the previous episode, it looks as if it introduces a third identity.

We also need to check if Marc overcomes all the impossible obstacles. We need to wait for some more time to see what happens ahead

The final episode of Moon Knight is expected to premiere on Disney plus HotStar in India at 12:30 pm to check what’s there inside

The makers didn't give any sort of hints to the audience. The series is made by Marvel boss Kevin Feige.  But fingers are crossed

Moon Knight happens to be the 6th Marvel Cinematic Universe series released by Marvel Studios in its phase 4 chapters.