James Caan, An Onscreen Tough Guy Dies At 82

James Caan acted in a number of movies and TV shows but got his real fame through his character Sonny Corleone

Caan is identified through quick-tempered and skirt-chasing Sonny Corleone in the original “Godfather” movie

The news of his demise was announced by his family on Twitter which was later confirmed by his manager named Matt DelPiano as well

By the time ‘The Godfather’ (1972) released, Caan was able to establish himself as a young and  impressive actor in the industry

In 1966, he played a meaty role in the film “El Dorado,” which also starred Robert Mitchum and John Wayne in their lead roles

“The Rain People,” (1969) had his first collaboration with Francis Ford earned him critical praise as former football player

“Brian’s Song” (1971) which was specifically a television film managed gave him recognition in front of the larger audience

It was based on a true story about the friendship of a Black football star, Gale Sayers and a white teammate, Brian Piccolo

James Caan received an Emmy nomination as the best actor for “Brian’s Song and Academy Award nomination for “The Godfather”