Chris Jericho Angered Bill Goldberg During Comedy Segment

Both Chris Jericho and Goldberg tend to go ahead with their usual animosity which is not hidden from anyone

Both are even known to once have a backstage altercation during WWE event. aT many times, tensions between them has mounted

Tension between them was more aggressive before their fight backstage as Goldberg was angry with Jericho over a comedy segment

At this time, Jericho was asked to come along and beat a Goldberg lookalike on pay-per-view

When Goldberg appeared again on is Jericho, it was Chris Jericho who recalled above segment and disclosed Goldberg was angry

This is what he said, “I remember the one week I showed up for whatever PPV it was, and they had me wrestle… it wasn’t even Gillberg

It was Terry Taylor who told me, ‘Beat this guy and pretend he’s Goldberg,’ and I was like, ‘Alright.’ And so we did it

“It was purely a misunderstanding in my outlook, I didn’t know wrestling business, I didn’t grow up being a fan of it”

“I remember watching Texas Championship Wrestling with my grandmother all the time. But I never really aspired to”