uTorrent Web: Best Way to Live Stream & Download Torrents In Your Browser


utorrent web: Before we start discussing on uTorrent and its features, we would like to make you aware that with each passing day, we see an improvement in technology.

And this is what users are making use of it across the world. As far as millions of users who like to download torrents are concerned, they now have the option of utorrent web that allows them to both live stream and download torrents as per their choice.

If you look into the world of BTtorrent clients, they are no different are are going better in the last few years.

Today, with the use of the best and innovating technology, users now have the option to use far better torrent down loader to fulfill their needs.


What is uTorrent Web? How to use it to stream torrents?

Over the years, users might have witnessed new and upgraded torrent down loader.

The main difference among all these different torrent downloaded is that they are equipped with one or many powerful features to help them download different torrents on their web browser.

While counting many of them including Tribler and web torrent, uTorrent is not lying far behind. Well, in the last few years, the significance of utorrent has come out in the middle.

Users now have a much lighter and web based version of the torrent client which is k own as torrent web.

It’s quite different and happens to be an improved version of various torrent downloaders.

Those who are still unaware of the utorrent web should note down the fact that it is a bit different than commonly available torrent downloader like BitPort that can be easily accessed by simply typing any URL in the web browser. But the above story is not fully recognizable in case of utorrent web.

Using utorrent web, you are free  to download your desired torrents at any specific time. Well, the crucial thing to know here is that utorrent web mainly resides locally in your personal computer.

Now, this is something that gives a few pros and cons to the torrent downloader.

As it happens to be only the locally hosted downloader, utorrent web can be easily accessed even in those cases when users have no active internet connection.


How to use uTorrent Web in Windows 10?

If you wish to install and download the utorrent web on your computer, you simply need to download all the required files in the same way you download any other software.

Soon after you manage to install it successfully on your computer, a shortcut (in the form of its icon) is created on our desktop. It will directly open the utorrent web in your windows web browser.

And so, you may easily like to use or bookmark it in your browser for future access without undergoing any sort of trouble.

While comparing the features of utorrent web, it does not match with any other leading torrent downloader.

In other words, you won’t find anything much after you compare the features of utorrent web with its classic sibling.

Please note that the main screen of uTorrent Web basically features an enlarged search box which is designed to load user’s queries and opens in a new browser tab.

In order to search precisely, users need to add torrent after their query. This way, they will get the best results.

Another feature of utorrent is that the software tends to run automatically even in those cases where windows boots. And so, it captures torrent downloads.

In short, we meant to say that no downloads will get disrupted even if you decide to close the web browser. Well, it looks all find but may create some issues after a user simply forgets to pause the download.

After the utorrent web download gets completed, users get a notification alerting the user about its presence. The same gets highlighted in the form of an icon in the notification area as well.

uTorrent web is loaded with many features that are there to help the end user.

For example, users have the option to use different sorting and filter options to arrange them as they like. In the same ways, utorrent web also have the force start feature to simply download torrents.

Please note that there are 2 simple ways to stream torrents using utorrent web.

The first one is that users are free to click on the +Torrent option or button mainly to upload torrent files and add some other magnet links.

Another way is that users can simply drag and drop their files directly into their respective browser windows.

Well, there are some more options to uTorrent web as we described above. For example, users need to click on the gear button given on the top right corner in settings.

Users have all the choice to select and start the torrent client after Windows gets start.

Likewise, another feature known as checkbox is also crucial which is designed to open each torrent in the new tab.

At the same time, the setting page gives users an easy option to both download and upload bandwidth for their respective torrent streaming.

Just like any other torrent downloader, utorrent web happens to serve users in the best ways.

This is all it looks flourishing from the user’s perspective. You can always rely on all the enlarged functions of BitTorrent or uTorrent at anytime.


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