Time Trap Tamil Dubbed Movie Download Movierulz, Todaypk & Tamilgun

time trap tamil dubbed movie download movierulz

Do you like watching adventure movies? If yes, then you have a chance to watch one such movie titled Time trap. The entire film is leaked online in Tamil version.

It’s because the entire film is available online at a plethora of illegal torrent websites like movierulz, tamilrockers and tamilgun.

Before we move ahead, please take a look how torrent websites continue to fare well on the web. They become active instantly once a new movie is released.

The fact that hundreds of visitors continue to land on these infamous websites because they can easily download movies of their choice within no time. Along with that, they can get a great experience watching as they are displayed in HD format.

Today, there is hardly a movie that you won’t find in any of these leading infamous websites. One such movie that was recently leaked is Time Trap. Let’s discuss the film before moving forward.


Time Trap Tamil Dubbed Movie Download Movierulz & Tamilgun

Time Trap is basically an action-adventure film directed and produced by Mark Dennis and Ben Foster.

The film stars Brianne Howey, Cassidy Erin, Gifford, Olivia Draguicevich, Andrew Wilson and Reiley McClendon in their pivotal roles.

The film mainly revolves around a group of students who are looking for their missing professor in the remote area of Texas.

While searching the professor, the students come across a cave out there. After they decide to explore the cave, they start getting some dangerous and bizarre incidents that are specifically related to space and time distortion.


Time Trap Movie Plot

Time Trap movie basically revolves around an archaeology professor who suddenly goes missing. Before that happens, he tries to explore a remote care system on the trail of the missing hippies from 1970s.

Finally, he returns back to town and takes the decision to dismiss his graduate students by stating them that he has completed his research. Movierulz

But the situation becomes tensed after the professor doesn’t return. Due to this, Taylor looks worried about him. Later, some of his students including Jackie, Furby and Taylor decide to look for him.

Very soon, all of them start following Hopper’s trail and find the entrance. At this time, they take the decision to enter into the cave but Furby chooses to stay behind for a back up.

As soon as the group lowers themselves in the cave, they come across some strange and pathetic noises. In the meanwhile, they detect that the noises are in the form of radio calls.

Initially, Jackie tries to climb back but her rope falls and she falls. After this, they receive some kind of transmission from the cave and they start following the signal.

After they start going deep in the cave, they discover an overhead opening to the cave. The group start watching the recordings of the professor and comes to know that they were Hopper’s parents and he was searching for his missing sister.

A few days later, Furbey starts descending into the cave and soon retrieves keys for a vehicle. But he falls after the rope breaks.

After all these unusual happenings, Taylor suddenly realizes that cave is actually inside a time distortion where all the events tend to move very slowly.

At one moment, Cara free-climbs out of the cave in order to get a GPS signal. But outside, it looks like the terrain has stopped getting signals.

They start comparing video signals after returning from the cave and finally get the confirmation of Taylor’s theory.

They also discover to their surprise that years are passing within a few moments.

In other words, it means that whatever time they passed inside the cave will come out to be several hundred or thousand years outside the cave.

Later, inside the cave, Taylor fights the Cavemen and subsequently gets killed. After this, the cavemen returns and places him into water that quickly heals him.

After handling all these distortions in the cave, the group of students decide to leave the cave using the spacemen’s ladder through overhead opening. Cara is suddenly pulled through by some grey clawed creatures before she can scream for help.



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