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Tamilrockers New Link – All Valid List (January- 2024)

Tamilrockers new link

Tamilrockers New Link 2024– If you are one of those who like watching Tamil movies online, then you might be looking for something handy.

Due to many restrictions, these piracy websites are not allowed to continue their business as this is marked illegal in India. Due to this, these piracy websites have to create new domains to continue offering all the latest Tamil movies for free online streaming.

Now, if you are looking for Tamilrockers new link, then you have landed at the right place.

This is because we will let you know about so many new things that you can explore in the process of accessing all the latest and fresh Tamil movies.

Out of so many pirated websites that we enlisted above, Tamilrockers happen to be the leading one that attracts millions of users, especially when a new movie gets officially released.

In the past, you might have noticed the torrent website has been able to successfully leak almost all movies pertaining to different languages like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and English.


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Latest Tamilrockers Link 2023

We have already stated above that Tamilrockers happen to be the most popular websites among dozens of pirated websites propagating in the country.

Although, there are some other torrent websites available that undergo the same business of film piracy, but Tamilrockers happen to be the most popular out of them.

In the recent past, it has been able to become the most popular film piracy website.

The film piracy is an illegal practice in India as it works against the interests of filmmakers.

In reality, these piracy websites upload their original creation on their own web portals without taking permission from them.

Hence, it comes under the copyright act as you can’t upload the original content of filmmakers without their permission.

After Tamilrockers continued its business in spite of serving several notices, makers decided to move to the court.

Recently, the honorable court ordered to block all the domains of Tamilrockers and other similar torrent websites. The court therefore directed all ISP’s to take the necessary action.

But it seems that this is nothing unusual for Tamilrockers as the website is still active. All they do is change their domain extensions to hide their identity.

We have compiled a plethora of URLs for Tamilrockers that you may like to use and download your favorite movies in different quality formats like HD 108p, 420p, 720p, 320pb, etc.

They include tamilrockers.la, tamilrockers la, tamilrockers.tw, tamilrockers.net, tamilrockers.com, etc.


What are the Alternatives to Tamilrockers?

We have enlisted some of the similar web pages that you can refer without any second thoughts. Some Tamilrockers alternatives are as:


Tamilrockers old URL list

tamilrockers.com tamilrockers.la
tamilrockers.net tamilrockers.ai
tamilrockers.ac tamilrockers.cl
tamilrockers.tw tamilrockers.hn
tamilrockers.ws tamilrockers.az
tamilrockers.re tamilrockers.vu
tamilrockers.km tamilrockers.la
tamilrockers.ai tamilrockers.da
tamilrockers.bz tamil rockers.in
tamilrockers.tr tamil rockers.mx
tamilrockers.gr tamilrockers.ru
tamilrockers.li tamilrockers.az
tamilrockers.nz tamilrockers .la
tamilrockers.lu tamilrockers.vs
tamilrockers.be tamilrockers.mz
tamilrockers.cx tamil rockers.ws
tamilrockers.co tamilrockers.by
tamilrockers.lv tamilrockers.ph
tamilrockers.tz tamilrockers.bz
tamilrockers.ta tamilrockers.cl
tamilrockers.cz tamilrockers.to
tamilrockers.to tamilrockers.tel


Today, there are many who like to access the new URL of Tamilrockers Malayalam website.

But all of the above links that we displayed above represent the old URLs of Tamilrockers website.


More Info About Tamilrockers

Due to the rising popularity of torrent website Tamilrockers, it is currently being accessed by millions of people worldwide.

This is due to its special features and services that it provides to users for free.

For those who are hardcore fans of Bollywood or any regional films like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, English, etc., Tamilrockers offers exclusive coverage to all the latest movies that are released within a few hours.

This means you can watch a newly released movie within a few hours of its release.

It all happens when these pirated websites upload movies on their web portals in HD quality so that users can get the best experience in watching and appreciating them.

You can not only download but also be able to live stream your favorite movies online as well.


Why Tamilrockers frequently changes its domain?

Initially, Tamilrockers was precisely a leading Tamil movie download website uploading and distributing Tamil movie download on their huge online platform. 

Later, the website started dominating the entire web space and started streaming Hollywood and other regional films as well.

Now, if you take a look at today’s scenario, you will find that this pirated website has been able to expand its wings in almost every kind of regional language movies, web series, Hollywood and Bollywood.

The only problem is that film piracy is not legal in India. This is the reason why they can’t operate their business in open. And due to this, they have to constantly change their domain extensions.

Hundreds of people continue to search about Tamil movie download in hassle free manner. And for that, they always look for Tamilrockers new link.


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Tamilrockers Proxy Sites

You might have noticed that you sometimes become unable to access a few particular sites.

Even after you try to access them, you come across an error message that says “You are Not Authorized to Access This Web Page as Per the Dot Compliance”.

Please note that whenever you find any such message after opening a particular URL, it simply means that the particular website displays such a content which is otherwise not permitted.

Now, Tamilrockers is also one of the pirated sites which has been banned by the government due to film piracy!

Now, please find below a list of Tamilrockers proxy sites 2020


URL List URL Speed
http://tamilrockers.at/ Fast Yes
http://tamilrockers.nz/ Very Fast
http://tamilrockers.tv/ Fast Yes
https://tamilrockers.mrunlock.pro/ Very Fast Yes
http://tamilrockers.li/ Slow Offline
http://tamilrockers.gy/ Fast Yes
http://tamilrockers.cr/ Very Fast Yes
http://tamilrockerss.ch/ Fast Yes
https://tamilrockers.nocensor.icu/ Slow Yes
http://tamilrockers.link/ Slow Offline
http://tamilrockers.gr/ Fast Yes
https://tamilrockers.prox4you.xyz Very Fast Yes
http://tamilrockers.net Slow Offline
https://tamilrockers.unlockproject.live Fast Yes
https://tamilrockers.123unblock.info Fast Yes


In India, film piracy is a complete ban and is termed as illegal. This is because they upload original content of filmmakers in an illegal way.

Tamilrockers Searches & Revenue

If you are keen to know about live searches and revenue of Tamilrockers website, then you may refer to Google Keyword Planner.

We analyzed this for you and found that the website has over 10 million searches in a day using different keywords. Please have a look at some of the keywords that are frequently being entered in Google for search:

TamilRockers Searches

Tamilrockers 2019 TamilRockers HD Movies
TamilRockers Hindi TamilRockers in Hindi
TamilRockers Latest URL TamilRockers Latest Movies Download
TamilRockers Website TamilRockers New Website URL
TamilRockers Movies TamilRockers HD Movies
TamilRockers Forum TamilRockers Portal
TamilRockers Pro TamilRockers Tel
TamilRockers.da TamilRockers.mx
TamilRocker 2019 TamilRockers 2022
TamilRockers website TamilRockers New URL
tamilrockers 2019 tamilrockers hindi movies
Tamil Rockers TamilRockers latest movie download
Tamil Rock TamilRockers ru
TamilRockers com TamilRockers org
TamilRockers la Tamil Movie Rockers
TamilRockers Telugu TamilRocker Malayalam
TamilRockers Isaimini TamilRockers Hindi Dubbed
TamilRockers 2019 movie TamilRockers 2019 movie download
TamilRockers latest TamilRockers new movie
TamilRockers latest leaks TamilRockers latest leaked movies
Malayalam 2019 Movies Download TamilRockers Malayalam HD Movies Download TamilRockers


Well, if you look at the revenue that Tamilrockers make, then it goes somewhere between $5k-$8k that amounts to Rs 3-5 lakh. The website mainly earns through the mode of advertisement.

As these websites serve pirated content, they can’t have permission to run Google ads. And therefore, they have to rely on 3rd party ad network that serve ads on such websites to make them earn huge money.



Bollywoodnewsflash doesn’t own this content. This content is just for the information purpose.

Lastly, we want to urge from all our readers that please don’t try to download movies from any kind of pirated sites like Tamilrockers and many others. Downloading movies from pirated sites is illegal and may leave you in trouble.

If you wish to watch a movie of your choice, the better option will be to go to a nearby theater.



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