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thriller movie

Don’t Breathe- Thriller Movie Inhales Top Spot for Year’s Lowest Weekend

The recent success of Hollywood blockbuster “Don’t Breathe” has been able to press the  break buttons against the ongoing slump at the American box office. It was a good thriller  movie that everybody liked. The primary cause of the worst slump that hit the box  office was due to the release of a plethora of […]

thriller movie

Don’t Breathe-Good Thriller Movie with Mystery & Jarring Twists

Do you remember the year 2013, when the fans witnessed a good thriller movie -“Evil Dead”, going into a tizzy after an unknown artist from Uruguay knocked the box office with his remake of Cult Classic (by Sam Raimi)? Well, if Alvarez had produced the movie (Don’t Breathe) in the beginning, instead of Evil Dead, […]