PUBG All Set to Return With BGMI As Govt Can Lift Ban On Krafton

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The latest update on PUBG Mobile is here. BGMI (Mobile Game Battlegrounds Mobile India) is all set to make an impact players in India after the government is bound to lift ban after the end of this year.

The upcoming Krafton plans are already known to some of the existing BGMI players who are still in control of the game.

At the same time they also have access to the game but not to any of the updates.

As you might be aware, Krafton happens to be the original publisher of BGMI and PUBG.


PUBG All Set to Return With BGMI As Govt Can Lift Ban On Krafton

The government has already banned PUBG. Even then BGMI was known to have offloaded from service providers like Apple and Google.

The lifting of the ban was mad evident to players only after Krafton released a brand new BGMI support channel on YouTube with loads of videos on its website.

With the announcement, players and fans welcomed the update and due to this, many of them are looking forward to play the game in India.

As per the latest update, as many as 4 videos have been uploaded on YouTube mainly to address general queries of people. Some queries are also related to the banning of accounts for various reasons.

It also addressed the payments and benefits of “Prime Plus” and “Prime”. Please note that videos are basically in the form of user guides on BGMI. The same have also been uploaded on the official BGMI website as well.

In order to bring the game back to India, Krafton has done a remarkable job indeed. The credit also goes to the app stores from where it was earlier made to delist due to PUBG ban.

However, India never banned BGMI as users can still have the access to their games in particular. Still, due to the ban, all the updates were blocked.

And this happened after Apple and Google simply delisted the games after receiving no further instructions from the government.

And now, PUBG is expected to be published via another portal after Krafton is known to have mulled the lifting of the ban at year’s end.

PUBG All Set to Return With BGMI FAQs

What is the net worth of PUBG?
$13 Billion

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