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When it comes to the entertainment, a lot of things do come our minds. One of them is movies. In the biz world, people like to watch movies of different genres.

But the presence of piracy has made it think people twice. Please note that film piracy is something which has been consistently affecting both Hindi and regional film industries.

There are a number of piracy websites like moveirulz that constantly leak movies and other related stuff within a few hours of their release.

There have been instances where movierulz is able to leak movies, web series and TV shows even before they are officially announced by the makers.



As we mentioned above, movierulz is a leading piracy website that allows users to watch all the pirated content in the form of movies, popular TV shows and web series for free.

Using movierulz, the audience is able to download movies of different genres including English, Bollywood, Malayalam, Punjabi, Telugu and Tamil movies within a few hours of their release.

There are several reasons why users visit movierulz as compared to other websites.

One of the very facts is that a torrent website gives all the access to the latest movies released along with popular TV shows and web series. As you can see, the trend of users getting entertained is going to a different path.

Today, users can decide what content they need to watch as they have all the power to control the kind of entertainment they like to choose.

One reason why infamous piracy websites like movierulz is being referred most, it’s the free movie download option which is giving more leverage to users while downloading anything of their choice.


Movierulz In India

In spite of the piracy becoming illegal in India, piracy websites like movierulz continues to flaunt across the web.

If you find more, you will learn that the government and other authorities have almost failed to keep a hold on the website on a permanent basis.

It’s because of the fact that movierulz tends to change its domain extension once it gets blocked by the government due to illegal activity of uploading movies on its web portal.

Another amazing fact of movierulz is that it allows users to watch latest movies, TV shows, web series, games, music videos and other entertainment shows in HD prints online.


How Many Arrests Made By Police So Far?

Not many arrests have been made against movierulz or similar websites so far. One arrest was made in the year 2019 when a film director complained that his film Rudramadevi has been pirated after the official announcement of the film on October 9, 2019.

As many as 3 people were arrested for violating the Copyright Act, 1957 from Hyderabad. After the investigation, it was found that 3 persons were involved who were supplying pirated videos for Movierulz Telugu movies.


Similar Torrent and Piracy Websites

Please take a look at some other similar piracy websites like movierulz below:

Madras Rockers


What Government Is Doing to Stop the Menace of Piracy?

It’s not like the government has done nothing to curb piracy from the country. If you research on this, you will find that the government has initiated various steps to eradicate film piracy from the entertainment world.

As per the Copyright Act, 1957, if any individual is found indulged into the illegal act of film piracy, he can face a jail term up to 3 years.

The person can also have to pay a fine up to Rs. 10 lakhs. The law also stands fully operating for those who are indirectly involved in spreading pirated content as well.


Will I Go to Jail Or Be Fined for Downloading A Movie Illegally?

If it gets proved that a person or group of people have infringed the copyright act in India for downloading movies from movierulz or any other similar piracy website, he or she is liable to be prosecuted.

In such cases, if the person is taken to the court, it will be easily proved that he or she is knowingly indulged into the illegal act of film piracy and will be considered a criminal act.

As per the Indian law, the first time offenders would have to face the jail term up to 3 years with a fine between Rs 50,000 to Rs 200,000.



At Bollywoodnewsflash, we neither endorse nor promote film piracy in any way. Please note that piracy is a crime and falls under a serious offence of Copyright Act, 1957.

The above information is published to inform general users about the growing menace of piracy and also to take necessary steps to be safe while selecting websites that are free from the infringement of copyright.




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