Movierulz, 9xmovies, Moviesflix, Tamilrockers & Netflix Movies Alternative Kanopy

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If you are concerned about watching movies for free, then you have an option to download them.

While downloading movies, web series and TV shows, you would obviously like to have some kind of website that can allow you to download them for free.

This is what millions of users across the world prefer while watching movies online. Some of the leading websites that allow users to download them without spending money are known as torrent websites.


Movierulz, 9xmovies, Moviesflix, Tamilrockers & Netflix Movies Alternative Kanopy

Today, there are loads of torrent websites that give you privilege’s to live stream or download movies or TV shows for free. Some of them include movierulz, 9xmovies, moviesflix, tamilrockers and more that are being used by millions of users all around.

Out of the users who never mind using any such torrent websites as they are illegal to use, there are some other websites that are termed legal and help users in a professional ways. They can easily trust them to watch movies and other related stuff online.

Kindly take a look at some of the below mentioned websites that are ideal to use to download movies for free.


YolaMovies | Kanopy

Kanopy can become a great substitute for you when you like movies with all the drama, action and any other emotion. It sustains user high quality and a great experience while watching movies for free.

Kanopy is widely being used by millions of users worldwide as it gives a great and attractive platform to users for downloading various movies in different genres online. Also, the website is quite different than the traditional piracy website in question.

The next question arises why people love to watch movies on Kanopy than any other online platform. It’s mainly due to various factors including all the safety and other features related to the website.

Just like Kanopy movies free download website, there are some others included in the list. Some of them including:



Popcornflix happens to be a leading movie download website that helps endless users find and download their movies, TV shows and web series for free. It means you can download all the quality movies and other related stuff on this website.

Please note that Popcornflix happens to be loaded with ad network that keeps earning money on its online platform like various other torrent websites.

You can also help to download various other programs including Apple TV, Google Play, Xbox and others while watching or downloading movies on this platform.



Vimeo is just another website that helps users download movies and other related stuff. It’s a similar online platform just like You Tube that basically helps users to upload all the desired movies, web series and TV shows for free.

Watching movies on Vimeo can be a great way to watch movies online. The website also gives users the kind of privilege to download movies in HD format.

The presence of Vimeo can therefore be felt as a legit iOS and Android program.

Other than that, vimeo can also be used by streaming straight or to download them when you are not using Wi-Fi connection.


Internet Archive

Today, the audience who like watching a variety of movies has become wiser. They know the kind of stuff they like to watch.

For example, some users like to watch classic films and others like watching movies full of romance.

In the same ways, people like watching movies of different flavors and genres. In that sense, Internet Archive covers all the stuff that carry all public domain names.

If you also like watching classic films, you can go with a plethora of copyright free films dated back in 1920’s and 1930’s era. You simply need to click the concerned link to watch a movie of a particular genre.



Sony Crackle

It was previously called as Crackle which is another great website loaded with many ad networks.

The website is mostly referred when users specifically like to watch action, romance and thriller movies.



It’s just another online viable platform that helps you find the treasure of movies and TV shows that are worth watching. You can easily go ahead and watch your desired stuff at any time you want.

And so, here you get the chance to download Vudu on your PC (Personal Computer), smart TVs, streaming devices and game consoles and make use this website quite effectively.

But for that, you must sign up with them so as to use their services and plans wisely.



Watching IMDb TV movies also happens to be a great action and can be used the platform to see critically acclaimed films that are free from any discomfort.

Like all other websites we mentioned for movie streaming, this one is also supported by ad network.

But to watch movies or any other stuff, you simply need an account on IMDb or Amazon. Please note that IMDb TV is not just the one that looks easy to browse.

But still, you can use their top rated class to locate films and other entertainment shows that are worth watching.



Please note that Libraries give you an option to use excellent services at all times. And to avail them you simply need to click at the right spot to find a list of freebies that are served by the regional library.

In the same way, you can make use of your Library card to access various things. But for that you need to register it with your email as well. Once you connect your Library card with hoopla, you can have the access of movies, TV shows and web series.

In the same way, you can also make use of hoopla app on your mobile Amazon Fire apparatus, Apple TV, tablet computer, Android TV apparatus and Chromecast. Please also note that Hoopla doesn’t work with each library program.


The Roku Channel

If you manage to get a Roku channel for you, then you get all the liberty to watch free movies and TV shows. And thus, you can always have a quality time by watching relevant stuff online.

You are free to stream live interaction on your favorite Roku station to watch movies and other shows for free.

In the same way, you can also have your Roku Channel for your home. You can further add your premium subscription to your Roku channel and will be able to watch channels like HBO and more.



Today, everybody knows YouTube and can also use the channel to watch uninterrupted movies and other stuff.

The above service is for hundreds of users who simply like to watch free licensed movies.

In case, you are looking to find what is the most viable out of the above, you simply need to click on the option ‘View All’ to watch all the free stuff available.


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