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Movierulz is such a website that allows users to download all kinds of movies including new, latest, evergreen and oldest movies.

The movierulz portal is loaded with various fascinating ringtones, MP4 videos, and wallpapers for absolutely free.

Not only that, the site happens to be a storehouse of hundreds of unlicensed Bollywood film songs. It also includes the latest and old films of Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi, classics and many other types of films.

Please know that www.movierulz contains all kinds of pirated content that they upload so frequently.


Please know that Movierulz is run by using various sub domains and does not have any specific type of content except all those pirated versions of latest films and songs that represent Bollywood, Hollywood and so many other genres.

Movierulz 2018 2019 is basically a torrent website that simply allows all users to download all kinds of MP3 songs, movies, and latest music, ringtones and MP4 videos for absolutely free.

It means you do not need to spend anything to find anything of any interest. You simply need to land on movirulz website and start downloading all your favourite items.

Along with all that we stated above, the website is also known to upload movies and film songs of all the latest collection of Bollywood, Ghazals, Punjabi, old classics and other regional language songs.

Due to the kind of illegal services they provide, the Indian government has already banned the main URL of movierulz from time to time. But still, they are able to return with a bang in the entertainment world by creating a new domain.

Well, this is something unacceptable as the movierulz website offering hundreds of pirated movies and other related stuff to users for free.

On the other hand, you can see how filmmakers have been consistently going under loss.

And that’s why; they appeal from the audience not to visit these pirated movie website like movierulz and try to go directly to the theaters to watch a particular movie that you have an interest to watch.

Apart from what we have already disclosed to you about movierulz website, there is some more interesting fact about them.

Please also know that the pirated website is well equipped to cut all the latest songs and ringtones by directly downloading them from YouTube. This way, users have all the privilege to download the latest songs and movies directly from their portals.

Now, you might be thinking how movierulz website became famous? Well, it is mainly due to the fact that they started uploading hundreds of ringtones making people to download them to set any type of ringtone in their mobile devices.

Movierulz further allows downloading all the latest Hollywood and Bollywood songs, HD videos, download mp3 songs and hundreds of other things. The website illegally uploads movies and songs of the latest films.

Well, here is yet another interesting thing that you need to know about movierulz website. In the latest time, they have even started uploading hundreds of fascinating and trending TikTok videos as well.

In fact, you can find a plenty of TikTok videos on their online platform. As soon as a Bollywood movie is released, Movierulz instantly downloads them and upload them directly on their web portal for users so as to allow them download it freely without undergoing any sort of hassles.

At this point of time, you might be thinking as if there is only one website by the name movierulz that have all such pirated stuff? Well, it’s not so. In fact, there are so many other similar websites that illegally uploads all the unlicensed content and upload them directly upload them on their website.

This is purely an illegal practice that work against the wishes of movie makers and other creators who are directly involved in producing, editing and directing a film.

At the same time, it’s also for the sake of all those workers along with film producers and directors who invest so much in making a film. On the other hand, these pirated websites allow users to download all those newly released Bollywood or Hollywood movies for free.

Well, this is highly unjustified in terms of filmmakers. Please try to understand websites like movierulz is doing no harm for users but for movie or film makers in reality.

We therefore urge you to go to the theatres if you like a particular Bollywood or Hollywood movie and like to watch it. In the end, you can always appreciate the work of film makers after watching a movie at the movie theatre itself.


How to Make Use of Latest Movierulz Website and Download the Latest Movies, Songs

This is the question that comes in the mind of hundreds of users to know if movierulz website is safe to browse and operate. Well, we would say No. It’s absolutely not safe to download anything from them.

It’s because all kind of pirated sites are not safe to operate. It’s mainly because they are loaded with hundreds of pop up ads that may even harm your mobile phones or computer at any point of time.


Disclaimer– Here, we would like to warn our readers why they do not need to visit any such kind of pirated website as it is a crime in India (as per the law) to upload any kind of pirated stuff on their web portals, exactly the way these websites are engaged in doing.

The purpose of this article was only to make our readers aware that they should refrain using these pirated websites.

You might have come across a few of these websites that recently became the centre of storm after they downloaded Bollywood movies illegally and uploaded them on their online web portals.

That’s why, we would like to inform you about these kind of illegal activities by them and therefore, you just need to stay away from these web portals in reality.

In the end, we would like to emphasise you again that please do not try to download movies, songs or any other related stuff from these sites as this is illegal and Government of India is already over such kind of websites.