Evaru Telugu Full Movie Leaked Online To Download By Tamilrockers 2019

Evaru movie

Evaru Movie Download leaked by one of the most famous online piracy website Tamilrockers.

At this time, when the piracy website has leaked so many Telugu, Hindi, English and other regional films within a day of their release, it doesn’t look any kind of surprise to us at all.

In fact, the entire web series of three great movie stars including Murali Sharma, Regina Cassandra and Adivi Sesh got leaked on a plethora of piracy websites.

There has been so much of buzz around about movies being leaked online by a plethora of infamous piracy websites like Tamilrockers, Tamilyogi, Movierulz, Todaypk and others.


Each time a film gets leaked online on different piracy platforms, makers obviously get tensed to stop this menace as it costs them dearly.

In the recent past, hundreds of movies leaked online where Tamilrockers played a major role. Even now, this notorious website is doing wonders in the world of online piracy of movies at large.

Soon after Tamilrockers became active on the web, a plenty of other piracy websites joined the bandwagon. A few of them include Movierulz, Todaypk, Tamilgun, Tamilyogi and many others.

The peculiar thing about these different torrent websites is that all of them are able to leak movies online within a few hours of their official release. Well, this is something unbelievable.

Not only Tamil language films, you can find sFo many other language films on their website portals including Hindi, English, Telugu, Malayalam and many others as well.

In the earlier days, only Tamilrockers was leading the online film piracy. But now, there are a number of other ones too that have come along.

Considering the fact that movies tend to leak online by these piracy websites on a consistent basis, it makes a huge impact to all those filmmakers and associated people who try hard to produce a film to entertain their audience.

Looking at the sequence of events, it is a huge blow to them as it drastically affects the collection of films at the box office.

Talking about Telugu movie Evaru, it was targeted by Tamilrockers just like many other in the past. After the film released on August 16, 2019, it was soon available online within a few hours of its release.

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Evaru Movie Ratings

You might have noticed that suspense thrillers and spy movies always succeed Tollywood due to their content In other words, they are most liked by the Tamil audience as they are full of curiosity and entertainment.

In the recent past, Regina Cassandra who has given so many great performances has been able to develop far more interest in the films lately.


Evaru Telugu Movie Plot

Evaru is a Telugu movie that revolves around a police officer who is murdered by his alleged rape victim.

After the murder, Vikram Vasudev, who happens to be the sub inspector is given the responsibility to investigate the case as it nearly looks like an open and shut case.

However, after delving in deep, Vikram finds a few surprising facts related to the case. And this is where all the action lies.

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Evaru Telugu Movie Review

Have you gone through the Evaru trailer recently and planning to watch the movie? Well, the film happens to be a great thriller having all the strength to keep you hooked right till the end.

You might be having a lot of questions coming up in your mind regarding the plot of this Telugu film, but all of them will get answered as soon as you watch the film.

You can download the film online as it has been leaked by the piracy website Tamilrockers. Ideally, you should visit a nearby theater to watch this thriller to answer all of your queries related to the film.

Evaru is basically inspired by a Spanish movie titled The Invisible Guest. The reason why the makers kept this secret even after releasing the movie still looks like a mystery to us.

The life of a police officer comes to an end when Sameera (Regina Cassandra) had no option but to murder him after he rapes her.

Finally, the process of trials gets started. And for that, she hires a lawyer Vinay Varma who further hires someone by the name Vikram (Adivi Sesh).

Vikram is no one but a corrupt police officer who gets hired to help crack the case. At the same time, it was also to defend Sameera against the prosecution lawyer.

After watching the entire movie, it looks like the director Venkat Ramji tries to twist the plot a bit after making some changes in the original one to keep all the suspense and thrill alive till the very end.

Although, makers try their level best to connect each and every missing dot in the storyline, it still looks like as if there is something amiss. This is why it does feel like the overall connection between each event isn’t seamless.

In order to make an entirely different story from the original creation, Ramji tries to create a subplot and this makes the film tie itself up in knots. At this point, the obvious question that comes to the mind is that why he tries to tinker with the original plot?

There is another thing to be noted that says the film gets lifted by Adivi Sesh who undoubtedly delivers a spectacular performance.

Telugu film Evaru looks like as if it’s gripping up to the core along with having a plenty of decent technical values. But the movie somewhere misses connection at a few places only.

Now, if you have already seen Hindi movie Badla or the Spanish film Invisible Guest, it is expected that you might come out feeling a bit underwhelmed. But if you watch Evaru just like a normal movie goer, it will definitely end up giving you many surprises.

Rating of Evaru Movie 3/5 Bollywoodnewsflash