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cook up a storm

It looks like the trend of movies getting leaked online is never going to end. The reason why we are saying this is due to the presence of pirated websites that consistently leak newly released films soon after they are released. This time, another movie has fallen prey to some of the illegal torrent websites titled Cook Up a Storm.

In case, you like to go for Cook Up a Storm movie download at Isaimini, Tamilrockers and moviesda, you need to visit any of the above mentioned websites.

But we suggest you to remain vigilant and don’t get attracted towards them as they are illegal piracy websites and may land you in any sort of legal trouble.


Cook Up a Storm Tamil Dubbed Movie Download Isaimini Tamilrockers Kuttymovies Moviesda Tamilyogi

Cook Up A Storm movie is already available in 4 languages Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.

Since the entire film is already leaked online on the above mentioned piracy website, we won’t suggest you to download the same on any such online platforms.

Right after the film was leaked online, it became responsible for a huge loss to the makers of Cook Up A Storm.


Cook Up A storm movie Plot

The plot of the film revolves around two chefs named Sky Ko (Nicholas Tse)- A Chinese chef trailed in Southstyle and chef Paul Ahn (Jung Yong-hwa) who happens to be a Korean chef trained in France.

Both of them have equal opportunities in their respective careers to rise on the top. Now, take a look at the lives of both Sky and Paul.

Sky was left by his father when he was just 10 years old. He left him with Uncle Seven who’s the Master Chef of Seven Restaurant.

The reason why Sky’s father left him is because he had no talent as a cook. He had decided to take him back only he would prove to be great cook.

Earlier Mountain (Sky’s father) had to pursue his culinary career by making an excuse that Sky is unable to prepare a decent cup of noodles. Due to this, Sky had no option but to spend almost 20 years to get properly trained under Uncle Sam.

The story of Paul is not too far behind. Paul had promised his father that he would become a great and successful chef one day.

Finally, he proved his mettle and opened his own restaurant in Hong Kong by the name Steller. However, this would bring the point of conflict between Sky and Paul.

Sky is not working in an old are of Hong Kong as an acclaimed Chef. But later the point of conflict between both Sky and Paul starts rising, especially after the Li Management group arrives in the old Hong Kong area to purchase properties including Steller.

As both of them have to often purchase the best ingredients for their recipes, this again became the point of conflict. Soon the professional rivalry between them starts rising even further. Finally, both of them decide to face each other in a culinary duel.

One one hand, Sky looks confident in making salt-baked duck, Paul prepares a ‘foie gras sorbet’. In the end, Paul gets the victory after judge makes his comment that Paul’s art of dish presentation is far better than Sky.

Things start changing from here when Paul’s Li Group manager tells him that he would replace him with Mayo who’s Sou’s chief and girlfriend. The manager gives reasons to Paul that he is replacing him because a woman looks more appealing on media.

The manager also tells Paul that he would like to be with Mayo (his girlfriend). On the other hand, Mayo tells Paul that she never loved him and it’s all that she wanted to surpass him in any way.

Here Paul realizes that he is not needed anymore and feels dejected. On the other hand, Mayo takes the charge as an executive chef of Steller. Finally, Paul leaves.

After this, both Paul and Sky decides to rise on the top of culinary ladder and collaborate with each other. In other words, Paul and Sky agrees for a partnership, especially after Uncle Seven signs away his restaurant.

Later, Paul and Sky attends the 7th International Culinary Competition where they meet with several competitors who make different kinds of dishes. But in the end, victory goes to both of them.

As per the rules, the winner has to compete with the current God of Cookery, Mountain Ko (Sky’s father). At this time, Paul asks Ko to compete with only one out of Sky and Paul to which he agrees.

Finally, Sky decides to compete against Mountain Ko who is also his own father. In the competition, the judges allow them to cook anything they like.

All of them start preparing their dishes. But before judges can actually announce the results, Sky offers a bowl of noodles to Mountain Ko to which he acknowledges his talent as a chef. Before Sky leaves the stage, Mountain becomes emotional while eating his noodles.

Although, the entire film is available online on various torrent websites, we urge users to stay away from them and watch movies online only on legal online channels like Netflix, ZEE5, Amazon and more.

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