Block Tamilrockers and Similar Websites, Delhi High Court Directs ISPs

Delhi High Court

Recently, Delhi High Court has directed ISP’s to block torrent websites like Tamilrockers and other similar ones after listening to the plea of US companies like Warner Bros. 

The US entertainment agency recently alleged that these piracy websites are consistently engaged in the unauthorized distribution and access of their films and TV shows for quite a long time.

After pleading in Delhi High court with their issues, the court gave its directions to all the Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to instantly block access to most of these torrent websites that have become a reason for their huge loss.

These websites are constantly engaged in the live streaming and distribution of their work in an illegal way. This is the reason why production houses like Universal, Netflix and Warner Bros. came forward to lodge a formal complaint for their rights.

While giving the order, Justice Sanjeev Narula directed his interim order to immediately block the access of these torrent websites like Tamilrockers and other associated ones that are indulged in the business of piracy for a very long time.

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And therefore, the court directed all the ISP’s to block all such URLs that serve users with all kind of pirated stuff.

Please note that Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) happen to be the address of a resource of a website or a portal on the Internet.

At the time of giving the order, the court also sent its directions to the government agencies including Department of Telecommunications (DoT) along with the Ministry of Technology (MIT) to suspend or cancel their domain name registration of all such web portals that are indulged in the business of serving people with copyrighted material in an inappropriate way.

In its order, the court further directed each and every department to issue notifications to the concerned departments so as to block these pirated sites.

These directions came after listening to the plea of a number of US based entertainment companies and production houses like Warner Bros. that constantly made a remark that all these portals continue to host, stream and steal their original content along with some other production houses like Universal, Paramount, UTV, Netflix and more.

Further, the court also restrained all such portals from streaming, hosting, distributing the original or pirated content to the public in any way. In short, these sites won’t be able to distribute the copyrighted material in any way.


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