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7 Best Websites That Are Great Putlocker Alternatives


Best Putlocker Alternatives: Before moving forward, let’s help you with putlocker. This is because you might be wondering what putlocker is. 

Well, it’s none other than an online movie streaming website that offers millions of users an access to watch free movies and TV shows in the HD format.

After the service of putlocker was launched, it was soon degraded as the website was indulged in film piracy. 

And therefore, the free movie streaming website was diagnosed to be infected with the virus of piracy which is intolerable in some countries like India and the US.

In fact, the Motion Pictures Association of America once called the putlocker website as one of the major piracy threats.

And this was the reason why the web portal had to be completely blocked in the UK. In addition to this, the film piracy website had to face some temporary closure in the year 2016. 

After the main or core domain of putlocker was completely blocked and the similar action was done in some other countries as well, the website underwent frequent changes in its domain extension.

Some of the domain extensions that were changed included Putlockers.is, Putlockers.com, Putlockers.ch. 

As you can see above that Putlocker changed its domain extensions multiple times to remain into the business, it happened to be the only website to provide hundreds of users with free online movies, TV shows, web series and other related online content. 

And this is why, Putlockers is also sometimes refers to the only online anime streaming website operating into the online business of free streaming of movies and TV shows.

Best Putlocker Alternatives


Los Movies


los movies


Just like most of the live movie streaming websites, Los Movies can be the best alternative of putlocker as the website has loads of collection of movies and TV shows. 

 But the only downside of this website is the problem of pop up ads that sometimes annoy users as they hinder in downloading movies or any other content.

The best way to handle this issue of pop-up ads is by using the pop-up ad blocker as using them will make your download smoother. Also, it will also help you to navigate the entire website without facing any sort of nightmares.




Popcornflix comes in the list of such a website that provides the free access to millions of users with all the latest movies and TV shows that they can download easily with a very high speed. And this will save a lot of their time. 

The best part of this website is that it is designed remarkably well. For example, the web portal takes care of users at the time of them surfing the website with minimum inconvenience. 

Without any doubt, Putlocker happens to serve millions of users with quality entertainment with all the latest Hollywood, Bollywood and regional movies.

The site lists a huge list that categories movies pertaining to all the genres including comedy, action, drama, science & fiction and more. After a visitor land on this website, he is free to pick any movie of his choice.

Not only that, he can clicks to any download link and start live streaming of movies online.


Watch Online Series



Well, watch Online Series is a website made exclusively for those who call themselves as true TV addicts. 

Now, if you are keen watching your desired television shows without going into all those issues of waiting for the next episodes, you are going to like this web portal as Watch Online Series is going to prove your best entertainer. 

Beyond any doubt, we can say that the website happens to be the store house of thousands of interesting and trending TV Series that may range from The Simpsoms to The Sopranos.

But the only thing that you need to take care while using this website is that you use an ad blocker that will enhance the experience of watching your TV shows to the next level.




Just like the above movie streaming websites that we discussed, 123Movies happens to be another website having diverse catalogues of various online streaming websites. 

For example, these web portal offers hundreds of movies, TV shows and web series along with the wide range of anime, cartoons and other entertainment media options. 

In case, you are looking for quite a similar website just like putlocker, then you may definitely like to go with 123Movies.





SolarMovie happens to be a great alternative to Putlocker as the website offers quite a user friendly interface allowing hundreds of users to gauge the kind of stuff trending on the Internet.

Along with that, users also get to know some other details like the entire list of movies that are trending along with the top viewed movies of the day and their subsequent ratings as well.

Along with that, the website also gives users an option to allow users browse through all their desired countries where all those movies were created by giving a nice global touch to the particular website. 



Primewire won’t give you an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere as such, but the website is always loaded with meaningful collection of movies and TV shows and can be taken as another great Putlocker alternative. 

Along with the idea of finding the best desired movies that every other such portal offers, this website (in particular) allows users to decide from as many as three available video qualities that specifically range from low to high. 



Rainierland is one of the best and counted among the most vibrant online streaming sites. As the name suggests, the web portal offers an easy access to hundreds of trending movies.

This allows users to pick and select any of the movies that are already displayed in the list without undergoing any sort of hassles.

For example, the Cinema section of this website is loaded exclusively with a huge collection of movies with as many genres. 

Rainierland is currently getting over 2 million average monthly views and is counted among the top most free sites for streaming movies and TV shows. 

By looking at the quality of this site in making users satisfied, it can be a great alternative to putlocker as well. 



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