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Apne TV: Watch Online Indian TV Shows & Serials | Apne TV Hindi Serials 2020


Apne TV Serials Live Stream & Download– You can now download both Indian and international TV shows, dramas, documentaries and other gossips on Apne TV as per your taste.

Today, people are going crazy watching TV shows as they equally love to watch their favourite TV shows and serials just like movies.

Apne Tv  is regarded as one of the best online platforms to watch any TV serial, short documentaries and other dramas.

In the recent past, it has been noted that the audience is also interested to watch various TV shows as well. This is the reason why you can have so many interesting web series going viral on television.

Apne Tv Sony is one of the best and easily available mediums where you can easily select and explore some of the most interesting TV shows and serials.

Similarly, apne tv kumkum bhagya is also one of the most popular ones among the list.

At the same time, you may also like to watch international TV shows as well.


Apne tv | Watch Online Indian TV Shows, Dramas, Serials & Movies | Apne tv Hindi serials 2020

In the world of quality entertainment, you can find so many options to get yourself entertained.

Ever since the technology revamped, it made user’s life quite easier giving more options to them in selecting what they like to watch.

Now, in spite of the fact that there are so many viable options to watch your favorite TV shows and serials online, you may go with any of the best Android apps. In other words, you can download the app directly from Google Play Store.

If you look around, you will find a plethora of live online streaming apps that are made exclusively to watch TV shows and serials.

But the reality is that no Android App is best to watch your desired TV shows except watching them on Apne Tv.

In the past, Apne Tv was able to create a special place in the hearts of both Indian and foreign audiences. The best part of Apne TV is that it offers great and valuable watching experiences.

In this post, we would like to narrate you in detail about the most popular Apne TV app over any other app.

Before that we would also like to update you with the fact that the entire entertainment industry has been able to become in the reach of millions of fans scattered all across the globe.

For example, they have now the access of almost everything. There was a time when users only had one choice to watch their favourite movies by visiting to their nearby theatres.

But now, with the help of cheap Internet services in India, users are now able to watch anything online apart from visiting theatres to watch movies.

This is one reason why the audiences has been evolved in the last few years and has got a taste of watching popular TV serials, documentaries and more.

In this regard Apne TV has emerged as the leader as it gives you the privilege to watch all the stuff that you wish to watch on your favourite channel.

Those who like to watch their favourite TV shows online, then there is nothing better than Apne TV App as it offers very smooth experience to millions of users at the time of watching their interesting TV shows.

Tamilyogi Movies Download


Ever since users have got control over the type of content they like to watch online, they have attained different ways to get themselves entertained. In the world of entertainment, everything is revolving with the passage of time.

The time has come when a large part of the audience also seems to have been inclined towards watching television shows, serials and documentaries.

Earlier, users had to watch their desired TV shows live. But now, they can watch them online on their android phone as well.

It can be your favorite TV shows like KBC, Bigg Boss and so many other TV serials like Naagin, Guddan Tumse Nahi Ho Payega and more.

You may like to watch all of them only on Apne TV App to make everything possible for you.

In this context, there are some reports pouring in that say Apne TV app has been disappeared from Google Play Store due to Copyright issue.

Now, this is something serious as we won’t recommend users to get indulged into the copyrighted content.

With so much copyrighted complaints pouring in for Apne Tv, we urge you not to download Apne TV app.


Download Now Apne TV APK 2019



The kind of content Apne TV app offers to its users, it has become an undisputed name in the world of Hindi TV shows, TV Drama, TV serials and short documentaries that are available for free download.

Not only that, users find the app very well designed as it helps them navigate precisely without any hindrance. Above all, you would love using Apne TV app as the quality of the content is just awesome.

And perhaps, this is the reason why Apne TV app is considered the best among all other apps of the same genre.

The app has been able to attract hundreds of users in the short span of time. Using Apne TV app for android, Smart TV, iOS and PC, you can easily download all your favourite TV shows, serials and dramas without facing any hassles.

Today, users can not only use apne tv web but can also use apne tv app as well. Using their app services, they can easily find and enjoy all the latest movies, TV shows, web series and much more.

Since millions of users can easily get entertained by switching to apne tv, they can easily find all the relevant information at the same place.

For instance, if you like to watch your favourite TV show Guddan, you may easily find it using apne tv app and can click on the related link to download.

In case, you wish to watch it online, you may also do so. All you need is to find your related content and then need to visit the related page to watch your favourite TV shows and web series.


Is it safe to download Hindi TV serials, TV shows from Apne TV?

When it comes to downloading Hindi serials, documentaries and TV shows from Apne TV, it is not recommended.

In other words, it is not safe to download content from Apne TV or Apne TV App as they might steal your personal data or information from your android phone or any other device that you might be using.

For example, when you download anything using the website, you will find a plethora of pop up ads start opening up in your browser. All these pop up ads are nothing but some wrong scripts that instantly get installed in your device.

These outdated scripts may harm your device as soon as you start downloading anything on their online platforms.

This is because all these scripts are in the form of Spam links that may start to corrupt your device after you start downloading anything. Along with that, you also have security concerns as well.

So, try to be safe in all respects. In case, you are keen to download anything from Apne TV App or website, you may do so at your own risk.


Basic Details of Apne TV APK


App Name                   Apne TV

File Size                        1.4MB

Version                         v3.0

Requirement                 Android

Last Updated                1 December 2019

Languages                    English

License                         Free


Features of Apne TV App

Beyond any doubt, Apne TV has a lot of features that you should know before downloading anything from its app or website.

In a short span of time, the website has become quite famous as it offers commendable benefits to millions of users across the globe.

For example, it enables users to download all the latest TV serials and short documentaries at any point of time. There is no doubt when we say that Apne TV is loaded with so many unique features that users love while surfing their website or app.

To sum up all the salient features of Apne TV App, please refer to the following to know more:

  • You can easily watch or live stream your favorite TV shows, serials, dramas and documentaries using Apne TV App
  • The makers of Apne TV App have fixed all the technical issues or bugs and have restored all the privileges for users to enjoy their favourite TV shows
  • Apne TV App has restored the super speed of their servers so that users can download their content at a very high speed
  • The user interface of Apne TV App is quite simple and easy to use so that users have no difficulties to access anything they wish to select
  • The current App size for Apne TV is made so handy to use and is known to work on every single Android devices.


Download Apne TV APK 2020

If you wish to watch your favourite TV serials, shows, drama and all, then you need to download such an app that help you find everything together at the same place.

In addition to this, you would also love to download all that stuff at a very high speed.

If you get all this at the same place, then nothing likes that. All you need is to download Apne Tv app to find everything at the same place. Once you download this app, you can easily watch all the required stuff that you are looking for.

And this is why we can say that Apne Tv or its app is one of the best app to download all the latest television serials and shows that you are looking for.


Apne.tv New Links 2020

Apne TV has become one of the most popular piracy websites which is being used quite extensively by millions of people worldwide.

Both the website and its app are being used to download Hindi shows, TV serials and Telugu TV serials for free.

You might have seen that all these piracy websites have to keep changing their domain extensions so as to escape from any action by the government or other agencies.

In this aspect, Apne TV is no different as it also keeps doing the same.

Please note that the official or main domain of the website has already been blocked both by the ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) and the Government of India along with Search Indian portal serving in India.

Now, as per the latest information, Apne TV has to constantly change its domain extension on every occasion to operate its business secretly. Please take a look at some of the domain extensions:

apnetv.vip      apne.cc       apne.me

apnetv.pro      apne.fm     apne.ccv

apne.cc         apne.fu        apne.co

apne.in         apne.us        apne.cl

apne.fm         apne.ml     apne.com


Apne TV 2020- Download Latest Apne TV Shows

Do you know why Apne tv app is considered among the best application? Well, there are so many reasons to defend our statement.

The first and the very important point why apne tv app is the best is that you can easily download the app directly from Google play store and can also monitor user rating along with comments.

After you download the apne tv app successfully, the next step will be to start downloading to Watch Online Indian TV Shows, Dramas, Serials and Movies.


The Apne TV Hindi Serials and documentaries available on the Apne tv- (Hindi Serials Download)

Today, Apne tv website is counted among the best to watch and download all the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies online.

The website gives you the perfect online platform to watch all the desired TV shows, serials, small documentaries and movies.

In the recent past, you might have seen Akshay Kumar’s Robot 2.0 was released that created a major buzz across the entire Bollywood fraternity.

Thousands of users continued to visit the website for the easy download of the movie online on the apne tv.

This is not just the case of movies. Apne tv is also being used quite extensively to download various TV shows, serials, drams, cartoons and lots more.

In case, you are interested to watch old classic movies, you can also do that by downloading your favourite old Hindi movies as well. The Apne tv website gives you every kind of privilege in downloading all your desired stuff.

The apne tv website is basically run directly from the US. After you visit the website, you will find that it has been partitioned well into different categories where users can easily access all the information on different movies, TV shows and other related stuff.

Now, if you consider downloading all your desired stuff from apne tv, then you will feel like something different as the apne tv website will behave differently than all of the above.

It helps you find anything that you are looking for due to its highly sensitive user interface that lets users find their desired stuff with an ease.


How to Download Latest (Apne Tv Shows) from Apne tv ?

Like many other online movie download sites, apne tv portal is one of them that gives you all the privilege to download Indian TV shows, Serials, Movies from Apne tv site for free.

And this is how anyone who is looking to download Indian TV Shows, Serials, Dramas and Movies right from their online platforms can easily help themselves without any hassles.

If you are keen to download any of the required stuff as per your desire, you may go ahead and visit apne tv online and click on the download button.

Once you start downloading TV shows, serials or movies, it will take less time as the download speed is generally very fast as compared to other websites.

However, the information which is being provided here is specifically for users to better educate and learn about such prevailing piracy websites and operating their business illegally in spite of so many warnings.


List of Latest Indian TV Shows available on Apne tv website: (New Hindi Serials)

After the technology has advanced, it has given rise to a number of privileges to users along with the flawless availability of the Internet.

Today, it does not take minutes to download all the latest movies and TV shows that are going popular worldwide.

Along with that, you can always find them in your most preferred languages. For example, some of you would like to watch all the related stuff in English, Tamil, Telugu or any other regional language.

The best part of the apne tv website or app is that you can watch anything specific in your preferred languages along with dubbed Hindi movies online.

In addition to this, you can always find the list of your most favoured apne tv starplus serials and movies as well.


Apne tv Online indian Shows Streaming: (Download Apne Tv Serials)

The apne tv website, you can find loads of interesting movies and TV shows that you are looking for.

For example, if you are looking forward for movies download 2019, 2020 and also looking forward for online HD movies streaming, you can directly opt for the apne tv app or website.

In the same ways, you may also like to Watch Online Indian TV Shows, Serials, Dramas and Movies.

In order to download your related stuff, you will require a high speed Internet connection along with a laptop or an Android device.

Today, anyone can go ahead with Tamil movie download or any other movies and serials that he is looking for.

With the help of fast speed Internet connection, you can watch your dream movies along with the performance of some of the best artists in the cine world.


Why Apnetv Is So Popular?

The User Interface of apnetv is quite sensitive as it gives an overview of what it offers to its users. When a user arrives on apne tv portal, he gets all the information handy right at the same place.

The apne tv website has been designed by understanding the needs of millions of users who like to download movies, TV serials and web series of their choice.

The creators have taken care to design the website in such a way to help users in what they are looking for.

Once a user lands on apne tv portal or app, he gets enthralled to find all the related information that he is seeking for.

In fact, you can find a plethora of most viable categories before you head for downloads. For example, you can easily go for Hollywood movies, Tamil dubbed movies, Apnetv HD movies, Bollywood movies and lots more.


Famous TV Shows of Apne TV (Hindi Movie Download)

For the last few years, apne tv has been consistently offering hundreds of viable options for millions of users to download all the latest Indian TV Shows, Serials, Dramas and movies download free. This is one of the reasons why apne tv has huge fan following.

Like many other leading online downloading websites, apne tv also enables users find a huge list of TV serials, shows and movies for free download. Along with that, users are also able to go with online streaming of videos at any time they want.

There are so many things that make apne tv different than other websites. For example, the website offers the most viable platform to its millions of users so that they can easily download the latest TV shows, documentaries and serials with ease.

If you wish to download all the latest movies of your choice along with TV serials online, then watching them all at apne tv will be like dream come true.

The feedback of users who use apne tv app or website is awesome. You can find everything in HD format.


Apne TV 2020: Online Indian TV Shows (Tamil Movie Download)

Apne tv website or app is meant to offer all that users are looking for. In the changing times, users are able to showcase their interest to a number of things including movies.

With the free use of the Internet along with the widespread use of easy technology, they can find quick solution to their interest, especially when it is related to the entertainment.

Considering the importance of Indian TV serials, shows, dramas and documentaries, users can always have a choice to watch anything specific, especially when they have the access of apne tv website or app.

This is because apne tv offers a lot to the users. For example, using apne tv app, users can easily download all the leading movies, serials, TV shows and much more for free.


List of Apne Tv Shows & Latest Hindi Serials

Those who already know about Apne tv app or website, they better know that the portal has so much in store for hundreds of its clients. For example, apne tv star plus is a widely known entertainer that users always want to watch.

But now with the availability of apne tv app and website, you have the privilege of accessing anything of your choice whenever possible. Using apne tv app or website, you can always download all the latest TV serials.

Once you land on the website or app of apne tv, you will find the entire list of movies and tv shows given in an order so that users can always access them at any time.


Apne TV Hindi Serials Download: Downloading Hindi Serials Feature

Like millions of other users, you would also like to download all the latest and mesmerizing apne tv shows for free. Well, this is what most users like it about the concept that apne tv uses.

In order to give users a satisfying hand to download all the latest episodes of their favorite TV serials through apne TV or Apne TV App, they can most likely download movies, TV shows, web series and much more right at the same place.

And this is the reason why you are always required to be vigilant to take a look at either the Apne TV App or apne TV web. This way, you would be easily get the right connect with what you are looking for.

Another reason why we are saying this is due to the fact that Apne TV constantly uploads all the new and quality TV serials through its app where you get the opportunity to instantly download them without any hindrance.

And so, you may also like to watch other relevant web series, TV shows and all other entertainment events that you are looking for.

Now, in the upcoming session, we are going to update you with some of the ways to actually use Apne Tv app and download the stuff you are looking for.

In the same ways, you can have the access to loads of other TV serials that are being broadcaster on different Indian channels.

All this is widely available on apne tv and its app. For example, if you wish to watch Indian Hindi language serial Baalika Vadhu or Guddan, you can easily find them among the list of various TV shows given and can start your download instantly.

At the same time, you also have the privilege to watch these TV serials online as per your interest.

In any case, you can watch your desired stuff on apne tv as it has become the best medium to watch all such serials and other items including cartoons, old classics Hindi movies, Hollywood shows and lots more.

The best part of apne tv website or app is that you can watch regional language shows in your own language that are dubbed in Hindi. For example,

if you wish to go with Tamil movie download, you may go ahead and watch all the latest and entertaining Tamil movies online. In the same ways, you can watch all the latest Hindi movies online as per your interest.

Today, you can find people using different languages and still hope to find movies of their choice.

With the use of best technology along with the widespread use of the Internet, you can find any movie or TV show online that you can download within moments.

This is one of the best features if apne tv app or website as it allows users to download any entertaining content as per their interest and usability.

Along with that users can easily find and enjoy anything that they are looking for. In that perspective, they often rate a website.

Here, we would like to make you aware about the fact that we do not support any such website which is indulged in the piracy act.

Since apne tv or its app is doing the same, we do not encourage such acts and therefore urge users not to remain associated with any such website that primarily focuses on the pirated content.


Tips to Download Apne TV Serials


Millions of users land on Apne TV website each day in a hope to find and grab some of the mind blowing and interesting TV shows that they are looking for.

Once they approach apne tv, they are able to download them for free.

This is what the ethnicity of apne tv happens to be. In addition to this, you would always like to download all the movies and TV serials that you are looking for.

In one way or the other, you can easily find that apne tv makes the life of users quite easy as the website directly helps them download all the interesting TV serials, movies or web series for free.


Download Apne TV Shows 2020

First, we let you know what you need to have in order to download anything safely without going to the actual apne tv website or app.

The very basic thing that you require to download your stuff is your personal computer (PC) along with an Internet browser.

In order to start the process, you need to first open your browser and insert the following code in the address bar.

This will make your task simpler as it will directly give you the access of the list of movies that you are able to download.

Take a look at the command that you need to enter into the address bar of the browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and more.

intitle:index.of? format MovieName

Please take a look at the following sections given in the above code. For example, there are two sections in the above code including Moviename and Format.

Moviename– In the “moviename” section of the code given above, you need to fill the space with the name of the movie that you like to watch online for free.

Format– This gives you an idea about the exact format that you wish to download your movies for free. You just need to replace the word format with the kind of format you wish to use for your videos. While using the above command line, the basic format that you may use for downloading videos can be in the form of MP4, MKV and Avi.

Now, once you find the entire movies folder list, you need to paste there.

In this example, you need to use the option of “find” that you may do so by pressing control+ F together. After this, select the movie in particular that you wish to download on apne tv.


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