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upcoming horror movie-Clown Town

Upcoming Horror Movie Clown Town True Story Based In Bakersfield 2014

“Clown Town” is one of a kind (no budget) upcoming horror movie, ready to come out on September 30, 2016. As per rumours, the film is somewhere connected with all those creepy “clowns sighting episodes” recently spotted in the South Carolina region. The stage is all set in rural Ohio (where it actually shot). As […]

Among the Believers

“Among the Believers”- A showcase of Islamic War Revealing Origin of Extremism

“Among the Believers” is about troubles and reveals, probing how the Islamic war entering into the region of Islamabad, Pakistan. The documentary film shows the open functioning of an infamous “Red Mosque” looking like an avowed incubator distributing jihad. The short documentary says it all in a span of 84 minutes that will be screened […]

‘Deepwater Horizon’- Real Time Disaster Movie Squanders All Of Its Assets

“Deepwater Horizon” narrates a tale of horrifying, but real life tragedy in this Hollywood disaster movie. Directed by Peter Berg, the film relates to the year 2010 when a deep-water drilling rig owned by Trans ocean Inc., exploded all the way in the silent gulf of Mexico region. It not only killed 11 people on […]

image showing Ritesh in Banjo-box office release

Banjo (2016)- A Tedious Box Office Release Fails to Impress

Recent box office release “Banjo” fails to impress to a majority of audience after it screened in theatres on September 23, 2016. Albeit, “Riteish Deshmukh” Starer initially manages to register a winsome start, but then diverts to an awfully tedious route. The general feeling that bulges out among the viewers is that the film is […]

poster of film Parched showing Indian village women

“Parched” Screens Indian Village women Chafe Against Oppression

The movie ‘Parched’ released this week showcases the apt description on the lives of Indian village women. The credit goes to “Leena Yadav” who has written and directed the film. It primarily shows the fate of Indian village women in the North-Western part of India. The story revolves around three female leads who both toil […]

hollywood adventure movies

The Magnificent Seven Enlists Great Hollywood Adventure Movies

The Magnificent Seven is one of the action packed Hollywood adventure movies to be screened in theatres on September 23. The film is of 123 minutes duration. The story begins from a greedy and ill faced industrialist by the name Bartholomew Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard). He is looking to mine in search for gold. In order to […]

upcoming horror movies

Upcoming Horror Movies to Scare You the Most

Upcoming Horror Movies  The era we live in sometimes elicit an uncommon level of anticipation due to a plethora of upcoming horror movies. The basic idea that we are trying to explore here is to find those factors responsible attaining high levels of curiosity among horror movie fans. There was a time when the particular […]

latest horror movies- Blair Witch

“Blair Witch” Joins the Bandwagon of Latest Horror Movies

If we look into the past, a plethora of movies is released each year. Out of these, some are pure drama, whereas others are full of action, thriller, comedy and horror. However, if we discuss about horror movies in particular, they are not always fiction based but also on some real time happenings. “Blair Witch” […]