Rangoon movie review

Rangoon Movie Review- Kangana and Shahid’s Film Fail to Impress

Rangoon Movie Review In the Rangoon movie review, you will find how Kangana Ranut makes all her effort to save this Vishal Bhardwaj’s film. The reason why we say this is primarily due to some oddly written characters which prevents the film in becoming a worth to watch. Rangoon happens to be one of the […]

Hollywood mysteries

THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE- Unravelling One of the Great Hollywood Mysteries With Unsettling Horror

THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE is one of a kind unrealistic Hollywood mysteries that show Coroner Tommy and his skillful son Austin. They both run their very own crematorium and morgue in Virginia. On one fateful stormy night, their local Sheriff brings in an unknown female corpse by the name Jane Doe. Since, it’s an […]

black comedy

Jack Goes Home Veers From a Ghost Story to Black Comedy

The film “Jack Goes Home” at first seems much like a well narrated ghost story, but then takes a turn to become an irresistible black comedy. It stars Jack Thurlowe (as Rory Culkin) who has a cheerful fiancee by the name Cleo (as Britt Robertson). Jack himself works as an editor of a magazine. Cleo […]